JinMed's Nanobathing Products Earn Patents, Secure Procurement Deal with Shanghai Zhongjin HongKang Medical Technology

04 August 2023 | Friday | News

Jin Medical International Ltd. ("the Company" or "JinMed") (NASDAQ: ZJYL) which is the world's leading provider of rehabilitation equipment.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Currently, the Company's nanobathing products have been granted an invention patent and four utility model patents. Among them, one medical nanobathing care bed has obtained an invention patent, while a spray head mechanism and water nanobathing device, a water nanogenerator, a nanowater particle generation device, and a nanobathing care bed have received utility model patents. Furthermore, the Company has signed a directed procurement agreement for bed-type nanothermal therapy bath cabins with Shanghai Zhongjin HongKang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. This demonstrates JinMed's continuous upgrading of its nanothermal therapy products, showcasing the Company's research and development capabilities and the vast potential for future product development.

Nanothermal therapy products have revolutionized the field with their remarkable ability to promote natural perspiration, enhance metabolism, provide deep nourishment, boost the body's natural healing abilities, and offer antibacterial and deodorizing effects. By combining the benefits of beauty and therapeutic bathing, these products introduce a new era of bathing care that emphasizes environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. They offer an unprecedented experience for long-term bedridden patients, the elderly, and postpartum women. What sets nanothermal therapy products apart is their ability to deliver an unparalleled bathing experience without the need for shower gel or rinsing, using only 1 liter of pure water. This completely overturns traditional bathing practices. These products release negative oxygen ions at concentrations of up to 180,000/cm3, while maintaining a temperature range of 38-42℃. Additionally, they continuously generate a significant amount of HSP (heat shock protein) to enhance the body's immune system, boost metabolism, and provide antibacterial and odor-eliminating effects. Moreover, nanothermal therapy products ensure superior safety and are suitable for individuals with weakened constitutions and the elderly to enjoy the benefits of thermal bathing.

Nanothermal therapy products have also gained market recognition. Regarding the nanothermal therapy bath cabins and nanobathing devices, the Company has signed a directed procurement agreement with Shanghai Zhongjin HongKang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. This successful transition to the market reflects the market's trust in the Company.

Since its establishment in 2006, JinMed has been committed to providing more comfortable, convenient, and safe products for the socially disadvantaged groups. With the increasing demand for medical products from consumers, in order to gain important development momentum, JinMed insists on research and development innovation, constantly launching more intelligent and portable medical devices, consolidating its business foundation, continuously expanding market share, and improving performance.

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