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Leica Microsystems Launches Aivia 14 with Advanced AI for 3D Image Analysis

 Leica Microsystems, a leading provider of microscopy and scientific instrumentation, has released version 14 of Aivia, its flagship image analysis so...

 June 18, 2024 | News

Enveda Biosciences Secures $55 Million in Latest Financing Round

Enveda Biosciences a biotechnology company using AI to translate nature into new medicines, announced today a new financing round of $55 million to add to ...

 June 17, 2024 | News

Ochre Bio and GSK Enter Multi-Year Partnership to Advance Liver Disease Research

Ochre Bio, a pioneer in chronic liver disease medicine development, has today announced the start of a multi-year data licence agreement with GSK. The part...

 June 13, 2024 | News

Xiao-I Corporation Secures Major Contract with Multinational Health Tech Conglomerate to Revolutionize Knowledge Management

Xiao-I Corporation , a leading AI company, announces a contract is secured from a renowned multinational conglomerate in the health technology sector base ...

 June 07, 2024 | News

SOPHiA GENETICS Partners with Microsoft and NVIDIA to Transform Whole Genome Sequencing

SOPHiA GENETICS a cloud-native healthcare technology company and a global leader in data-driven medicine, announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft...

 May 31, 2024 | News

Lunit Completes Acquisition of Volpara Health Technologies, Enhancing AI-Driven Cancer Diagnostics

Lunit (KRX:328130.KQ), a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, proudly announces the successful completion of i...

 May 23, 2024 | News

CAS Unveils CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform™ to Transform Drug Discovery Process

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specializing in scientific knowledge management, announced the launch of the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platf...

 May 22, 2024 | News

Fujitsu Develops Advanced AI to Transform Medical Diagnostics with Multimodal Data Integration

Fujitsu  announced the development of explainable AI technology that automatically draws on data in multiple formats, including text, images, and nume...

 May 13, 2024 | News

Google DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs Launch AI Model Transforming Drug Discovery and Biological Understanding

DeepMind has unveiled AlphaFold 3, a cutting-edge AI model that significantly enhances our understanding of molecular structures and interactions, crucial ...

 May 10, 2024 | News

ArisGlobal Launches Advanced Intake Solution, Transforming Safety Data Collection with Generative AI and LLMs

ArisGlobal, an innovative life sciences technology company and creator of LifeSphere®,  revealed details about its Advanced Intake ...

 April 24, 2024 | News

Cognivia Secures Strategic Investment to Revolutionize Clinical Trials with AI

Cognivia, an innovative AI company dedicated to reshaping pharmaceutical and biotech clinical research through cutting edge AI-ML algorithms, proudly annou...

 April 19, 2024 | News

COTA and Sanofi Forge Partnership to Enhance Oncology Trials with AI and Real-World Data

COTA, a leader in real-world data (RWD) and analytics for oncology, today announced a strategic collaboration with Sanofi to use RWD and artificial intelli...

 April 18, 2024 | News

Singapore's NUH to Open National University Centre for Digestive Health by 2025

The National University Hospital (NUH) is embarking on a major initiative to establish the National University Centre for Digestive Hea...

 April 17, 2024 | News

Bayer and Google Cloud Team Up to Advance Radiology with AI Solutions

Bayer and Google Cloud  announced a collaboration on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to support radiologists and ultimately ...

 April 10, 2024 | News

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