Sartorius to open new Application and Service Hub in Shanghai

16 September 2021 | Thursday | News

The life science group Sartorius officially opened its new, significantly expanded Application and Service Hub in Zhangjiang Science City in Shanghai, China.

Supporting Chinese customers with cutting-edge innovations to accelerate technological  breakthroughs in life science research and biopharma processing  

Significantly extended capabilities in biological drug discovery, process development, testing and  validation to meeting growing local customer demand 

Continuous increase in investments and long-term commitment in China


Equipped with the latest innovative instrumentation  and offering cutting-edge professional expertise, this Hub covering over 3,000 square meters  accommodates the Sartorius Application Center 3.0, the Confidence® Validation Services Laboratory 2.0  and APAC Service Hub. This combined facility is designed as an integrated solution platform to empower  and accelerate progress in areas ranging from research to process development to production in the  Chinese life sciences and biopharmaceutical industries. “The grand opening of the Application and Service  Hub marks a further milestone in Sartorius’ development in China and underlines its long-term  commitment to this fast-growing market,” said Sarah Wang, Head of Sales and Services in China. 

Given the fast growth of the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry over the past years, Sartorius has been  continuously investing to broaden its footprint and expanding its capacity in China to meet the growing  needs of local customers. The latest innovations in bioanalytic, continuous processing and digitalization are  now going live in the upgraded Application Center 3.0, where the new Sartorius process solutions will be  showcased and experienced as their first point of entry. More importantly, early stage monoclonal antibody  (mAb) and virus-based therapies can be discovered, and their process applications can be custom  developed, tested, and verified. With help of intelligent digital systems, process data could be monitored  and controlled with remote SCADA system, and deviations can be reliably detected and analyzed in real  time to drive the best possible outcomes. These systems combined with the power of local Sartorius  expertise will enable customers to benefit from more efficient and productive process solutions for their  specific products, lowering their investment outlay and significantly reducing the time to market.  

In life science research and the biopharma industry, it is important not only to speed up the entire process  chain from drug discovery to commercial-scale production, but also to ensure that each process step is  robust and safe as well as complies with applicable GMP and GLP regulatory requirements. With its  capacity and capabilities expanded, the new Sartorius China Confidence® Validation Services Laboratory  2.0 will enable customers to overcome validation-related challenges. The Sartorius Hub’s sterile filter  validation facility will double its capacity by 2022 to meet increasing local demand. Extractables and  Leachables (E&L) testing and virus clearance studies are the new local capabilities, helping to ensure regulatory compliance and safe implementation of single-use systems in biopharmaceutical production  and reliable clearance processes to guarantee patient safety.  

The new Sartorius APAC Service Hub ensures professional after-sales continuity for equipment repair,  maintenance, and calibration service. As it is crucial for production-scale equipment to function correctly  in customers’ bioprocesses and this usually entails significant investments, Sartorius has expanded its  Service Hub to provide real-equipment-based training, not only for Sartorius engineers in Asia but also for  its customers’ engineers to prevent malfunctions before they happen and to extend the service life of  Sartorius equipment. Professional service engineers and a complete range of spare parts on stock speed  up calibration, repair and maintenance of smaller-scale instruments significantly. 

Sartorius is investing increasingly in local capacity expansion and customer-centric services. The newly  opened Customer Interaction Center in Beijing for testing, validating, and adjusting equipment  functionalities has successfully completed its first large-scale customer project. Moreover, the Sartorius  Laboratory and Service Center in YETDA Biopark in Yantai, China, is under construction. As of the first half  of 2022, this facility will provide timely, on-site support to our customers and biotech startups in their drug  discovery and early development phases. Sartorius currently employs more than 700 team members in  China and is continuously expanding its local organization.  


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