GenScript Partners with Allozymes to Accelerate Protein Discovery and Target Identification

07 December 2022 | Wednesday | News

Partnership teams one of the world’s top gene providers with the fastest enzyme engineering platform to offer a one-stop solution that includes mutant libraries construction, screening, and target protein identification; synthetic biologists can now accelerate their discovery workflow while reducing overall downstream expenses.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

 GenScript Biotech Corporation, the world’s leading provider of life-science research tools and services, is partnering with Allozymes, a Singapore-based biotech startup, to dramatically accelerate the enzyme discovery and development process. GenScript will provide the mutant libraries construction and expression, while Allozymes will provide ultra-high-throughput screening service for applications across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverage. 


Naturally occurring enzymes and microbes are frequently used not only for biomedical purposes but also in the field of biotechnology. The development of synthetic biology, through protein and metabolic engineering, has provided a solution to engineer custom microbes into cell factories that can massively produce not only the natural products but also a product with improved properties. This approach involves the generation of mutant libraries followed by a high-throughput screening technology.


GenScript’s strong expertise in de novo gene synthesis and its semiconductor-based oligo-synthesis technology provides the foundation for a Precision Mutant Library service that offers precise control over each synthesized variant. The result is a diverse and comprehensive mutant library with unbiased distribution. 


Allozymes is a deep-tech company that is transforming ingredient manufacturing by unlocking the protein engineering potential through groundbreaking technologies.  Allozymes offers directed evolution in the microfluidic system so that up to ten million variants can be screened per day at a fraction of the cost of other approaches. Using Allozymes technology, scientists can screen up to one million times more of the mutant library while reducing the cost of consumables and reagents. The Allozymes approach increases the chance of success by 200 and reduces the timeline of screening to a day rather than years.


“Our relationship with Allozymes spans several years, and we are glad to expand this relationship to be an exclusive partner that provides researchers with a full suite of services, from discovery to expression of target molecules,” said Dawn Lee, SEA sales director of GenScript Asia Pacific. “We are grateful for Allozymes’ trust in GenScript to bring our partnership to a higher level, and we are delighted to join forces to help researchers accelerate their enzyme and protein research. Together, we remain committed to providing the best custom solutions to our customers and partners.”


“We are excited to enter a strategic partnership with GenScript Biotech Corporation. Leveraging our ultra-high-throughput platform, combined with GenScript’s proprietary technologies for gene synthesis, mutant library, protein expression and antibody production, we will accelerate our journey in building the next-generation protein engineering and synbio platform in the heart of Asia,” said Peyman Salehian, CEO of Allozyme. “This partnership allows us to have a fast-track horizontal move into different sectors, focusing on unlocking opportunities and delivering a one-stop platform for customers to receive screened and targeted proteins for their needs. We will transform chemistry to biochemistry for commercial applications and serve cutting-edge scientists in this booming bioeconomy market, especially in the pharmaceuticals, food, and synbio industries.”



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