Cytel expansion unlocks innovative clinical trial capabilities for APAC biopharma sector

07 September 2022 | Wednesday | News

Cytel Inc., a pioneer of adaptive clinical trial design and provider of advanced biometrics services, has expanded its operations into the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

This enables biotech and biopharma companies in APAC to have easier access to Cytel’s established biometrics and advanced statistical solutions. For more than 35 years, Cytel has pioneered innovative adaptive clinical trial designs and a suite of validated statistical and predictive software platforms. Cytel has also successfully supported sponsors in all aspects of innovative clinical trials, from statistical design to implementation and regulatory acceptance, helping them reduce costs, shorten timelines, and better unlock the value of their data.

APAC's growing interest in complex innovative trial design can benefit from Cytel’s advanced methodologies and expertise. Cytel has now established entities in Australia, Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore, and plans to expand into Seoul and Tokyo in the coming years. This expansion marks the latest step in Cytel’s journey to deliver advanced analytics capabilities to drug developers across the globe.

The ability to deliver advanced statistical analytics services to APAC is the result of a multi-stage expansion. This began in 2020, when Cytel acquired Laiya Consulting, a China-based specialist in Bayesian trial design. Subsequently, Cytel acquired a team of experienced Singapore-based biometrics experts with a suite of capabilities including management of independent Data Monitoring Committees. In April 2022, Cytel began to establish an entity in Australia, with the arrival of Executive Strategic Consultant, James Matcham, who has more than 35 years’ experience of innovation in the largest biotech and pharma companies. The team in APAC has since then supported different phases of trials, in COVID-19, oncology, neurology, rare diseases, and others.

"New norms set during the COVID-19 pandemic have only fueled the industry’s expectations of accelerated drug development," said James Matcham, Executive Strategic Consultant, Cytel, Australia. "But APAC-based developers’ efforts to adopt trial-optimizing innovation have been stifled by the services currently on offer in the region — namely CROs with only regional reach or global CROs without specialized analytics knowledge. Cytel offers both a rich global network and decades of advanced analytics know-how — precisely what’s needed to help APAC customers execute advanced clinical trial designs, better foresee roadblocks, and get their products registered in regions beyond APAC."

"There have been a number of advances in clinical research methods across APAC," says Jing Ping Yeo, Vice President and Head of APAC at Cytel. "The market is at the point where we need the use of advanced biostatistics and real-world capabilities like those honed at Cytel. Combined with the power of Cytel's trial design, simulation, and forecasting tools, this will have the potential to generate transformative collaboration and allow new medical assets developed in Asia to get to patients faster."

"Enlarging and fortifying our presence in APAC has allowed us to grow our radius of impact for our customers, partners, and patients," said Joshua Schultz, Chief Executive Officer of Cytel. "Our aim now is to continue that growth and expansion in key APAC markets, at pace, so that we can help an ever-broader array of customers solve their toughest problems while improving human health — all by unearthing the full potential of data and fueling intelligent, confident decision making in clinical development."


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