GenScript ProBio and AbTis Enter into an Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement for ADC Targeting Claudin 18.2

09 December 2021 | Thursday | News

GenScript ProBio entered into a partnership with AbTis, a Korean biotechnology company dedicated to the development of antibody drug conjugate (“ADC”), to grant AbTis an exclusive, worldwide license of GenScript ProBio’s anti-Claudin 18.2 monoclonal antibody (“Licensed Antibody”), to develop and commercialize the ADC. AbTis and GenScript ProBio will enter into an exclusive CDMO collaboration for the preclinical CMC development as well as clinical and commercial production of the antibodies for ADC product.

Claudin-18 is an important member of Claudin protein family, and Claudin18.2 is mainly expressed in gastric epithelial cells and highly expressed in primary malignant tumors, such as gastric, pancreatic, breast, colon and liver cancers. Claudin18.2 is now one of the most popular targets for pharmaceutical companies, especially those engaged in ADC development. GenScript ProBio team has completed antibody discovery, functional validation and cell line development for this Licensed Antibody. AbTis will continue to develop and commercialize ADC products based on the Licensed Antibody. Financial terms of the License Agreement were not disclosed.

GenScript ProBio, relying on GenScript’s 17 years of R&D and manufacturing experience as well as its integrated platforms and solid platform capabilities, has provided biologics discovery and antibody-protein drug CDMO services to global clients. The biologics discovery platform provides clients with a one-stop solution from target to preclinical candidate for multiple modalities (monoclonal antibodies, single-domain antibodies, bispecific antibodies, CAR lead). In addition, GenScript ProBio has also entered partnerships with 3 transgenic animal platforms at home and abroad, enabling one-stop discovery service for human antibodies with its platform animals.

By flexible combination and concurrent implementation of multiple biologics discovery campaigns (hybridoma development, single B-cell screening, and phage display technology), GenScript ProBio increases the diversity of candidate molecules, thereby bringing more chances of succeeding in obtaining preclinical molecules for the project. The biologics discovery platform of GenScript ProBio has so far successfully delivered over 950 projects and granted 13 molecular licenses worldwide, while maintaining good relationships with its clients.

Dr. Sang Jeon Chung, CEO of AbTis said, “We are pleased to partner with GenScript ProBio, a highly specialized CDMO company with deep expertise and extensive experience in antibody discovery. We look forward to working with GenScript ProBio to help us develop the next generation of promising antibody drug conjugates for the benefit of patients, and together we will accelerate the pharmaceutical transformation and empower the future.”

“We are pleased to partner with AbTis and are honored to support this promising antibody drug conjugate project,” said Dr. Brian Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio. “I believe the cooperation will further show the technology and platform advantages of both parties. We will look forward to using GenScript ProBio’s rich CMC development experience to get the project to IND and commercialization to benefit patients soon.”


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