Porton Advanced and BRL Medicine Partner to Fast-Track Gene and Cell Therapy Commercialization

15 September 2023 | Friday | News

Porton Advanced Solutions (Porton Advanced) announced a strategic partnership with BRL Medicine Inc. (BRL Medicine). This collaboration will enhance the cell and gene therapy pipelines from BRL Medicine from clinical trials to further expedite the commercialization of innovative therapies.

BRL Medicine, with its strong gene editing technology, robust R&D capabilities, and prospective pipelines, has been devoted to the realm of CGT for years and has achieved significant progress. Multiple pipelines of the company have entered the IND application stage, with three core ones already receiving China IND approval. The gene therapy product, BRL-101, was developed using the in-house ModiHSC® hematopoietic stem cell platform. Whereas, the CAR-T product, BRL-201, was developed using the in-house non-viral site-specific integration CAR-T platform (Quikin CART®). Notably, both have shown impressive results in clinical trials, gaining recognition from prestigious international academic journals like Nature and Nature Medicine.

Porton Advanced, on the other hand, has built an end-to-end gene and cell therapy CDMO service platform with proven experience in plasmids, cell therapy, gene therapy, oncolytic viruses, mRNA therapy, and bacterial therapy. Through this strategic partnership, the two companies will work together to accelerate the commercialization of gene and cell therapy drugs, making innovative treatments accessible to a wider range of patients.

Dr. Zheng Biao, CEO of BRL Medicine, expressed his enthusiasm for the strategic collaboration with Porton Advanced, an international leader in the CGT field with a strong track record. BRL Medicine currently has three new drugs approved for China IND and is in the midst of rapid product commercialization, and high capacity demand. Dr. Zheng hopes that this diversified collaboration will expedite the clinical translation and implementation of multiple innovative drugs benefiting patients worldwide who suffer from genetic diseases, malignant tumors, and autoimmune disorders. Furthermore, he believes that this partnership will contribute to the flourishing development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Wang Yangzhou, CEO of Porton Advanced, also expressed his excitement about the profound partnership with BRL Medicine. Recognizing BRL Medicine's robust technological platform, sustained innovation capabilities, and remarkable results achieved in multiple R&D pipelines, Dr. Wang anticipates that Porton Advanced's end-to-end gene and cell therapy CDMO platform will support BRL Medicine in accelerating clinical trials and future commercial production of cell therapy products to introduce more innovative drugs that are safer, more effective, and more accessible. Dr. Wang hopes that through their joint efforts, they can contribute to the advancement of China's CGT field, ensuring the timely availability of quality drugs to the general public.


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