United Imaging and MedikaBazaar Strengthen Alliance to Dominate Indian Healthcare Market

26 April 2024 | Friday | News

In a pivotal meeting held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, United Imaging and MedikaBazaar recommit to their partnership, aiming to lead with innovative healthcare solutions across India by 2025
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

United Imaging, a global leader in healthcare innovations, recently hosted a meeting with MedikaBazaar in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to strategically reinforce their partnership. With a robust four-year collaboration resulting in over 300 installations across India, the teams are now focused on solidifying their position as market leaders.

Founded in 2011, United Imaging Healthcare is committed to providing high-performance medical imaging products, radiotherapy equipment, life science instruments, and intelligent digital solutions to customers worldwide. With a mission of "Equal Healthcare for All" and a vision to "lead healthcare innovation," United Imaging has notably operated in over 70 countries globally.

India is one of the most strategic markets for United Imaging's international business. "With a burgeoning population of 1.5 billion, India has an urgent need for innovative healthcare solutions, holding high growth potential over the next five to ten years." Dr. Jusong Xia, President of International Business at United Imaging Healthcare, said.

MedikaBazaar, India's largest B2B e-commerce marketplace for medical supplies, has long been dedicated to offering healthcare procurement solutions. Sharing the same vision of bringing advanced healthcare innovations to India, United Imaging and MedikaBazaar began collaborative efforts to elevate the Indian medical market in late 2019. To date, the collaboration has extended to a number of high-level healthcare institutions, demonstrating the pivotal role of this partnership in shaping and meeting the evolving needs of the Indian healthcare sector.

During the meeting, the teams agreed to strengthen their strategic partnership, aiming to jointly secure the top position by 2025 and 2026.

Vivek Tiwari, Founder and CEO of MedikaBazaar, said, "The Indian healthcare market is very competitive, price-sensitive, and people are looking for various modalities. We realize that there is a gap in the market so that we work with United Imaging to make it more accessible."

Dr. Jusong Xia remarked, "As a global healthcare innovation leader, United Imaging has innovated a full portfolio of groundbreaking products, such as the World's first total-body PET/CT uEXPLORER, the Next-Generation PET/CT System, the ultra-high-TOF resolution digital PET/CT uMI Panorama, and the world's first whole-body ultra-high field 5T MR, the uMR Jupiter 5T, as well as the fully Integrated CT-linac that will soon be introduced to India. All of these products can perfectly address the needs of diverse healthcare settings. Building up on the foundation of UIH culture centered on innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship, we will continue to collaborate seamlessly with MedikaBazaar, delivering market-leading innovative products and clinical solutions to satisfy diverse healthcare needs and ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for patients."


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