LivFul and Global Access Diagnostics announce partnership for COVID-19 test kit distribution

09 June 2021 | Wednesday | News

LivFul and Global Access Diagnostics (GAD) today announced a new partnership to make a variety of diagnostic kits, starting with COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, available in Low to Middle Income Countries.

While new innovations are being developed, millions still lack access to simple, timely, quality testing to help curb the spread of disease. This partnership will bring rapid antigen test kits to the market at an affordable price.

The COVID-19 antigen tests produced by GAD are one of the best in the world for sensitivity and specificity. As well as providing fast and accurate results for wide-scale testing, it is suitable for use outside of a lab environment.

FIND's evaluation of the antigen test produced by GAD and Mologic show:

  • Sensitivity of 90.6%
  • Specificity of 100%

The WHO recommends a minimum of 80% sensitivity and >97% specificity to minimize false positives.

"GAD's mission is to work in partnership with governments, donor organizations, regional experts and the private sector to innovate in the technology and delivery of testing." says Mark Radford, Executive Director at Global Access Diagnostics. "LivFul is an ideal private sector partner to work with us to that end. We are aligned in driving access to our COVID-19 antigen test for as many people as possible."

"LivFul was founded to expand health access with products that transform lives and business models that reach all people. GAD takes a similar view as to how to ensure that people have access to quality, affordable health products." says Michael Norman, LivFul CEO. "Their COVID-19 antigen test is being offered at the best price point of any similarly validated product. It is an exciting opportunity and we look forward to collaborating with GAD on this and other projects."

GAD is an independent social enterprise specializing in lateral flow diagnostics, with their own flexible, high-volume manufacturing capability. Developed in partnership with Mologic, a leading innovator in rapid diagnostic technology; their aim is to provide access to high quality, affordable diagnostics for everyone, driven by need not profit.

LivFul is an unconventional life science company that prioritizes health access and impact before maximizing profit. They discover, develop and distribute health innovations through and alongside our global partners. Their goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the best health innovations so that we can all live free, live well and live to our full potentia


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