CRISPR Explores Future of Cell & Gene Therapy at 2024 GenScript Biotech Global Forum

08 December 2023 | Friday | News

The rapid advancement of technology has propelled the field of life sciences into unprecedented growth, constantly expanding our understanding and imagination. Particularly in the field of cellular gene therapy, a series of recent positive developments have been overwhelming.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Recently, the world's first CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing therapy received market approval in the UK. This significant achievement comes 11 years after the invention of the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool. It not only plays a crucial role in scientific gene editing research but also opens new avenues for clinical treatment. David Liu, one of the pioneers of gene editing, is set to deliver a keynote speech at the GenScript Biotech Global Forum in San Francisco in January 2024, stating on social media, " a major milestone for science, for medicine, and for patients."

Moreover, there have been major breakthroughs in the field of gene editing. Scientist Feng Zhang and his team, pioneers in the application of CRISPR/Cas9, developed a new algorithm called Fast Locality-Sensitive Hashing-based clustering (FLSHclust), has identified 188 kinds of new rare CRISPR systems in bacterial genomes, encompassing thousands of individual systems, once again shaking the global scientific community!

The diversity and flexibility demonstrated by the CRISPR system reaffirm the vast prospects of CRISPR gene editing. Scientists are intelligently opening this door, and it requires collaboration within the industry to explore and shape the future.

As the field of cellular gene therapy continues to evolve,
In what areas will CRISPR technology pioneer innovation?
In the vast capital market,
How to find the right position, clarify strategic planning, and become an industry leader?
What foresight and innovation capabilities should companies possess to achieve long-term success?
What opportunities will emerge in the innovation of cellular gene therapy?
How to effectively and innovatively develop commercialization without falling into conventional patterns?

GenScript understands the industry's concerns about cellular gene therapy, and this is crucial information we are eager to share. Over the years, GenScript has devoted itself to building communication bridges between stakeholders, facilitating the exchange and integration of the industry and the capital market. At this crucial moment when cellular gene therapy is undergoing disruptive changes, the "2024 GenScript Biotech Global Forum" sets sail once again, inviting you to reunite in San Francisco on January 10, 2024, to discuss the future of the cell & gene industry.

Attendees utilizing the exclusive invitation code "GBGF006" are entitled to complimentary admission. Secure your forum seat by clicking on the following link:

The carefully planned agenda of the 2024 GenScript Biotech Global Forum covers a wide range of key areas, including gene editing, cell therapy, regulatory policies, and more. This forum brings together top experts, industry leaders, and outstanding scholars to provide participants with profound and comprehensive professional insights.

In the gene editing section, David Liu, one of the pioneers of gene editing, will appear at the forum to share his insights into CRISPR gene editing and explore the future path of CRISPR gene editing.

In addition, leaders of many gene therapy giants, such as Derek Hicks, CBO of Intellia Therapeutics, Devyn Smith, CEO of Arbor Biotech, Stanley Qi, Scientific Founder of Epic Bio, and Alex Goraltchouk, COO of Remedium Bio, will gather at the forum to unlock innovative applications of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing and explore potential paths for the next generation of gene therapy products.

The cell therapy section is also noteworthy, Simone Fishburn, Editor in Chief of BioCentury, will lead a distinguished panel in the cell therapy section, featuring industry giants such as Ying Huang, CEO of Legend Biotech, Adrian Bot, CSO and EVP R&D of Capstan Therapeutics, and Lekha Mikkilineni, Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, coming together to discuss the breakthroughs in the commercialization of CAR-T and delve into more potential possibilities.

It is worth noting that prominent figures from the capital market and industry leaders will also appear at the forum to delve into and analyze the commercial prospects and industry development trends in the field of cellular gene therapy. Figures such as Konstantinos Aprilakis, Partner at Deerfield Management, Shi Yi, Founder and Managing Partner of Lilly Asia Ventures, Josh Resnick, Senior Managing Director at RA Capital Management, John Mendlein, Executive Partner at Flagship Pioneering, Keith Crandell, Co-founder and Managing Director of ARCH Venture Partners, Vincent Xiang, Managing Partner and Founder of 7G BioVentures, are expected to provide valuable insights and new perspectives on the future commercialization path and potential opportunities of cellular gene therapy, offering beneficial guidance for the industry's further development.

The future is here, and cell & gene therapy is undergoing a transformative revolution. We find ourselves at a crucial moment that can redefine medical practices and expand the boundaries of treatment. Let us ignite our wisdom and energy together to shape a future full of hope and healing power.

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