Sanyou Unveils "STAL Innovative Biologics Drug Discovery Platform" – Transforming Drug Discovery Landscape

20 November 2023 | Monday | News

Sanyou, a pioneer in biotechnology, proudly introduces the "STAL Innovative Biologics Drug Discovery Platform," a groundbreaking advancement poised to redefine the field of drug discovery.

This cutting-edge platform surpasses conventional methods, enabling the screening of thousands of innovative lead molecules against common targets. Sanyou is excited to highlight three key innovations that will reshape the landscape of drug discovery and development.

1. Large Molecular Library Capacity: The STAL platform boasts an expansive molecular library, exceeding the 10 trillion mark, integrating nine distinct types of innovative molecular libraries. From human and human semi-synthetic to targeted peptides and monoclonal antibodies, this diverse library provides a robust foundation for the screening and validation of numerous targets. STAL has demonstrated its capability in developing monoclonal antibody drugs, dual-antibody drugs, ADC drugs, AOC drugs, antibody-nuclein coupled drugs, PDC drugs, CAR-T immune cell therapy, and other mainstream drug molecules.

2. Full Automation and Integrated R&D: The STAL Trillion-level Innovative Biologics Discovery Platform integrates phage display and mammalian cell protein expression technologies. Offering a fully automated screening process and an integrated R&D innovative biologics platform, it is customizable for challenging innovative targets and the development of complex novel molecules.

3. Future Big Data Integration: Sanyou's STAL Trillion-level Innovative Biologics Discovery Platform and Innovative Biological Drug Integration Platform are modularized and will be integrated with a big data platform. This integration includes ten key modules providing a flexible range of services, offering a one-stop solution for innovative molecule discovery services, featured technology services, and stage technology services. This initiative aims to support the integration of digitalization, computational biology, and automation to accelerate antibody and peptide discovery and development for research, diagnostics, testing, and therapeutics.

Sanyou's STAL platform represents a pivotal advancement in drug discovery. With its large molecular library capacity, full automation, and integration with big data, the platform promises to revolutionize the field, expanding treatment options and enhancing research and development efforts.

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