BioDuro-Sundia Elevates Innovation with Advanced Radioisotope Lab Upgrades

15 November 2023 | Wednesday | News

Radioisotope assays a microanalytical method that uses radionuclides as tracers to label research objects. Compared with conventional biological sample detection techniques, Radioisotope assay has distinct advantages such as high specificity, high sensitivity at the nanomolar level, short detection time, accurate positioning, and quantification, etc.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Especially, it has unsurpassed specificity and sensitivity in the detection of membrane receptors such as GPCR receptor-ligand binding affinity test and extracellular substance uptake assays. However, due to strict management requirements and high maintenance costs, only a few CRO companies can provide such services.

BioDuro-Sundia's radioisotope laboratory in Jiangsu, China is part of the in vitro biology department of our drug discovery business unit, which mainly provides in vitro pharmacological assays and metabolic assays based on cellular or biochemical reactions. In July 2023, the BioDuro-Sundia Jiangsu R&D center was formally granted the Radiation Safety Permit by Jiangsu Province, which allows for BioDuro-Sundia to purchase and use unsealed radioactive materials for radiometric experiments and to conduct R&D services for in vitro pharmacological efficacy testing based on isotope methods, which greatly enhances our technical service strength in the development and analysis of innovative drugs.

Since obtaining the Radiation Safety Permit, BioDuro-Sundia is able to undertake preclinical studies related to radionuclide markers including 35S, 32P, 33P, 125I, 14C, 3H, providing an integrated platform for compound screening and MOA verification:

  • Integrated compound screening and MOA study services for epigenetic targets including METTL3/14, P300&CBP, G9a&GLP and PRMT5.
  • Radioligand-binding assay, including GPCR receptor-ligand binding affinity test.
  • Radioactive kinase assay for kinase inhibitor screen.
  • Uptake assays by using radio isotope method, such as glucose uptake.
  • GTPγS binding assays for GPCR agonists screen.
  • Radioimmunoassay experiment, metabolite identification experiment and other customized detection requirements.

Our radioisotope laboratory in Jiangsu, China is BioDuro-Sundia's third isotope laboratory with this qualification, building on the extensive experience of the two established isotope laboratories. The laboratory is equipped with a MicroBeta2 TriLux scintillation counter with 12 detectors, high sensitivity, and high accuracy, and a Sorval LYNX 4000 high-speed centrifuge with 4L capacity and 68,905 x g acceleration performance, which can easily achieve high-speed separation.

To date, we have completed radioligand receptor binding assays and MOA assays for a number of domestic and international clients and received consistent praise from our clients for delivering data with high accuracy. Including GPCR agonist competitive binding assay, Methyltransferase Inhibitor Assay, Enzymatic method development process, MOA Assays, etc.

BioDuro-Sundia will continue to improve our radiometric assay platform to provide high-quality technical services for new drug innovation and accelerate the development of biopharmaceuticals. Our discovery biology team in Jiangsu R&D center has accumulated extensive experience in method development and compound screening using biochemical and cell-based phenotypic-functional assays to conduct research services for targets of different classes. We are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and sophisticated instruments, providing a wide range of technical support for projects including in vitro discovery of small molecule drugs, cell line establishment, recombinant protein production and customized biology services. For each project, we deliver project-relevant, high-quality data with fast project turnaround time. Our chemists, drug discovery biologists, and drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) experts collaborate closely to provide clients with the flexibility to customize their services in a variety of modalities.

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