Bio4t2 Trials CAR-T for Solid Tumors Without Lymphodepletion

18 October 2023 | Wednesday | News

Bio4t2® received regulatory approvals to repeatedly administer patients with T cells engineered to express a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) targeting BT-001, an antigen on solid tumors identified using the PrismCore™ platform. The CAR-T, termed B4t2-001, are predicted to engraft without preparative chemotherapy (lymphodepletion) based on the Bio-Engine™ technology enabling multiple infusions for each recipient to further improve the therapeutic effect.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The PrismCore platform generates CAR-T that recognizes overexpressed self-antigens on solid tumors. Bio-Engine adapts the CAR-T to transiently recognize a subset of circulating blood cells to boost the numbers of infused genetically modified T cells without the need for preparative chemotherapy. Bio4t2 harnesses these technologies to unlock the commercial potential of CAR-T in patients with invasive cancers.

A prior pilot investigator-initiated trial ( NCT05621486) demonstrated that B4t2-001 can engraft to the range of 40 to 50% of circulating lymphocytes, even when lymphodepletion was omitted, and resulted in anti-tumor effects.

"This new phase 1 trial builds off our pilot clinical study which concluded a few weeks ago," said Dr. Laurence Cooper MD-PhD, Executive Chairman of the board. "Treating solid tumors depends on identifying targets that are uniformly expressed across cancer cells and engrafting CAR-T without immunological exhaustion. We combine our PrismCore and Bio-Engine technologies to achieve both goals and advance our cutting-edge CAR-T for the many patients with solid tumors," added Dr. Cooper.

"PrismCore identifies targets on invasive cancers and Bio-Engine harnesses normal blood cells to create a niche for CAR-T engraftment without the use of preparative chemotherapy," said Farzad Haerizadeh, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, and co-founder. "Based on the success of our pilot clinical study, Bio4t2's CAR-T is predicted to attack the tumor again and again without the cost, complexity, and toxicities, associated with lymphodepletion," said Haerizadeh.

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