Chinese Scientists Extract 'Red Marrow Peptide' from Young Yaks, Promising Breakthrough for Cardiovascular Health

17 July 2023 | Monday | News

This figure refers to the weight of red marrow which can be extracted from a 100 kg young yak growing in no-human zone of Qinghai and enjoys the reputation of "the key of cardiovascular health". It is called the most perfect "blood scavenger", which affects the regulatory factors that control the sources of the nine major systems of human body, and its peptide is the ultimate discovery of Chinese scientific research team in the field of small molecular peptides-red marrow peptide.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

As an important hematopoietic and metabolic immune organ of human body, red blood marrow is known as the systematic "soldier factory". Red blood marrow is responsible for the production of red blood cells and white blood cells. Meanwhile, it also produces a variety of metabolic immune cells. If the blood marrow decreases, the number of metabolic cells produced will decrease. Even if you take the best nutrition in the world, It doesn't help either, and your body function will only be temporarily improved. Therefore, the supplement of red blood marrow is the foundation of human life.

Dr. Berger from Harvard Medical School pointed out that 90% of human diseases are related to metabolic immunity. The aging of blood marrow results in a sharp fading of hematopoietic function and the ability of cardiovascular metabolism of immune cells, and a sharp decline in the overall disease resistance of human body, which directly leads to the occurrence, development and deterioration of chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, insomnia, etc.

When people are born, the whole body marrow cavity is full of red marrow. With the increase of age, adipocytes in bone marrow increase, and red marrow is replaced by yellow marrow. When red bone marrow is gradually lost, qi and blood are weak and blocked, disease resistance is reduced, and various pathological changes of tissues and organs are aggravated, which leads to nine systemic diseases of human body.

After 13 years of scientific and technological research, Anhui Guotai Biotechnology Co., Ltd research team has finally successfully extracted super-active red marrow polypeptide from young yak living body, which can cure cardiovascular, immune, metabolic and other multi-system related diseases by oral administration, especially for the rehabilitation and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the first hazard to human health.(Explanation of Formula Efficacy Conclusion from Chinese Journal CN22-1420/R "Oriental Medicine and Health", Issue 3, 2023, page 133)

The successful extraction of red marrow peptide has aroused widespread concern in the global medical and biological sciences. Domestic professional medical departments listed red marrow peptide in the list of the first insurance system for the first time. Many professional medical journals including Oriental Medicine and Health, Travel Medical Science and Advanced Emergency Medicine (Singapore) published medical papers related to red marrow peptide authoritatively, and hundreds of professional media around the world reported it intensively. The major research of Chinese scientific research team was praised as "the ninth miracle of human life science research". Japanthe United StatesGermany, Korea and other countries at the forefront of bioactive polypeptide research have thrown olive branches, hoping to cooperate with national peptide to develop high-end and luxury health care products for niche groups.(From a report on red myelin peptide on the Chinese portal website Sina, with a link address of

The extraction of red marrow peptide has almost strict requirements on climate, environment, equipment and extraction source. People's National Peptide has the largest yak stocking base in the world, thirsty for glacier melt water, hungry for Cordyceps sinensis, and active in the stocking base in no-human zone in alpine zone. Yaks living by water have become precious, safe and stable extraction sources of red marrow peptide.

Red marrow peptide can only be extracted from young yak in vivo, which is a top secret and undisclosed technology at present. The extraction amount of a young yak is only 1.8g, so it is impossible to mass produce red marrow peptide at present, and the cost is relatively high. Therefore, it is destined to become a rare category that can only be used by a few people.

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