AstraZeneca Collaborates with Cholesgen for Hypercholesterolemia Drug Discovery and Licensing Agreement

19 June 2023 | Monday | News

Cholesgen (Shanghai) Co.Ltd. ('Cholesgen') announced an exciting new collaboration to advance research and development in hypercholesterolemia and related metabolic diseases with AstraZeneca.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

This three-year collaboration aims to validate genetic drug targets and progress therapeutic molecules into clinical development. The joint research effort will leverage complementary strengths and focus on selected targets from Cholesgen's early-stage portfolios. Cholesgen will be entitled to receive an initial payment, as well as a pre-defined license package for each qualified drug candidate nominated by AstraZeneca to progress into clinical development.

This programme establishes a new collaboration model with a Chinese biotech, starting from first-in-class targets and mechanisms originally identified by Chinese researchers. Under the governance of a Joint Research Committee, scientists from AstraZeneca and Cholesgen will work closely on target validation and hit generation for the delivery of selected drug candidates, with the priority option for AstraZeneca to bring them into clinical development.  

High levels of cholesterol are a major risk factor for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). ASCVD remains a leading cause of death worldwide, despite advances in preventive interventions.

"This is an important collaboration for AstraZeneca, led by deep scientific expertise and a shared ambition to address the key drivers that contribute to hypercholesterolemia and related metabolic diseases. We look forward to working together to accelerate target discovery and preclinical research in this area of high unmet need." said Mene Pangalos, EVP, BioPharmaceuticals R&D, AstraZeneca.

"As a young Biotech with deep understanding of target biology and a focused pipeline, Cholesgen is thrilled to start this strategic collaboration with AstraZeneca and hope to accelerate the delivery of innovative medicines for patients with hypercholesterolemia or related metabolic diseases," said Dr. Bao-Liang Song, Chair of SAB Cholesgen.

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