Fapon and Bio Farma Form Strategic Partnership to Drive Medical Innovations in Indonesia

02 February 2024 | Friday | News

In a significant move to bolster medical innovations in Indonesia, Fapon, a global leading life science company, and Bio Farma, a prominent state-owned pharmaceutical holding company specializing in vaccines and life science products, officially signed a memorandum of understanding on February 1, 2024.
 (Caption: Sri Harsi Teteki (left) and Jielun ZHU (right) during the signing ceremony)

(Caption: Sri Harsi Teteki (left) and Jielun ZHU (right) during the signing ceremony)

The memorandum solidifies the commitment of both Fapon and Bio Farma to advancing medical technologies and enhancing healthcare services in Indonesia. The signing ceremony, attended by key executives including Jielun ZHU, CFO and CIO of Fapon, I.G.N. Suharta Wijaya, Finance and Risk Management Director of Bio Farma, and Sri Harsi Teteki, Medical, Institutional, and Governance Relations Director of Bio Farma, marked the formal initiation of this strategic partnership.


The collaboration between Fapon and Bio Farma will concentrate on the development of biological medicines, cutting-edge technologies, medical devices, and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) solutions, with a strong emphasis on healthcare localization. The ultimate goal is to synergize the strengths of both entities, promote technology transfer, and accelerate the growth of the healthcare industry in Indonesia.

Speaking at the ceremony, Sri Harsi Teteki of Bio Farma emphasized that this partnership aims to harness the combined strengths of Fapon and Bio Farma to drive innovation in medical technologies, ultimately contributing to the improvement of healthcare services in the country.

Jielun ZHU from Fapon expressed the company's dedication to deploying its expertise and technologies in collaboration with Bio Farma. The joint efforts are expected to lead to groundbreaking medical innovations tailored to address the specific healthcare needs in Indonesia.

With over two decades of experience in the medical industry, Fapon has established trust with more than 2500 business partners across 68 countries. Having a strong presence in the Indonesian market, Fapon has actively supported local healthcare development through strategic partnerships and the establishment of a local office.

Looking ahead, Fapon remains committed to fortifying its collaboration with Bio Farma, with a shared vision of propelling medical innovations that will significantly elevate the quality of healthcare services in Indonesia.

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