GenScript to provide the mutant libraries construction to Allozymes

04 August 2021 | Wednesday | News

GenScript Joins Forces with Allozymes by Providing Smart Libraries Construction for Precision Protein Engineering
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

GenScript Biotech Corporation today announced a collaboration with Allozymes, a synthetic biology company transforming ingredient manufacturing by unlocking protein engineering potential through groundbreaking technologies. In this partnership, GenScript will provide the mutant libraries construction to Allozymes for their downstream applications across various industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food & beverage.

Under the agreement, GenScript will leverage strong expertise in de novo gene synthesis capabilities and with the cutting-edge semiconductor-based oligo synthesis technology to offer precise control over each synthesized variant to achieve a diverse and fully covered mutant library with unbiased distribution. This precise and rational approach can save valuable target screening time, speed up discovery workflow and reduce overall downstream expenses. Together with Allozymes's patented screening platform, this partnership is expected to achieve significant breakthroughs in protein engineering research.

"At Allozymes we are building the next generation of protein engineering platform, the fastest in kind, placed at heart of AsiaSingapore. The partnership with GenScript will accelerate our path and move us forward to reach our goal faster," said Dr. Peyman Salehian, CEO and co-founder of Allozymes.

"As one of the key solutions providers in the global life science industry, GenScript is committed to supporting our partners in developing the Singapore bio-industry. Since our Asia Pacific office establishment, we have provided tailored support to the local researchers and acquired new clients, Allozymes is one of them. Our proprietary technologies in gene synthesis complements Allozymes's cutting edge patented platform to help researchers in synthetic biology development," said Ms. Dawn Lee, SEA Sales Director from GenScript.

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