Shimadzu launches LabSolutions World’s first AI laboratory Business

24 June 2021 | Thursday | News

Shimadzu launches LabSolutions BiX - World’s first Analytically Intelligent laboratory Business Intelligence application

Shimadzu’s LabSolutions BiX is the world’s first-of-its kind web-based laboratory Business Intelligence application that enables diverse category  of users (lab chemists, managers or senior management & CXOs) to make informed decisions based on detailed and critical analysis of the productivity and efficiency of all assets in the laboratory, be it instruments or the people operating them. Additionally, LabSolutions BiX enriches your total laboratory experience with its brilliant features and also expands your lab’s Digital Footprint.

Shimadzu (Asia Pacific)’s Software Development Centre (SDC) in Singapore has launched words-first comprehensive web-based application which can provide users with accurate and timely laboratory analytics, from a laboratory, at home or from a remote location around the world.

The Analytically Intelligent LabSolutions BiX collects data from all kinds of Analytical instruments, processes the data Analytically or logically, and showcases the analyzed output into various Analytics dashboard reports. LabSolutions BiX laboratory Business Intelligence application makes informed decisions based on detailed and critical analysis of the productivity and efficiency of all assets in the laboratory, be it instruments or the people operating them.

LabSolutions BiX is designed for efficient usage by lab chemists, managers, senior management and / or CXOs. Its Brilliant Graphical User Interface (GUI) enriches the total laboratory experience of one and all. It also provides detailed analytics on the instrument and user efficiency in the lab. Its expandable modules and ability to connect to a diverse range of instruments allow the users to spread their Enterprise Digital Footprint.  

Core Competencies, Unique Features & Benefits

Brilliant - A brilliant experience to enrich your laboratory

  • Web-based Application - Work from Home or anywhere in the world using any smart device (iOS or Android, Mac or PC).
  • Interactive GUI - Multi-tasking and Ease of Use for even the most non-technical users.
  • Dashboard Specific Reports & Interactive Product Tour – Provides enhanced user experience.

illume - Illuminate greater possibilities of your lab's performance with accurate analytics

  • Detailed Accurate Analytics - on Instruments, Users, Samples, Batches, Projects, Injections etc.
  • Audit Review function - Face regulatory challenges with confidence.
  • Real-time Notifications & Messages - Stay on top of the most important tasks.

eXpanse - Expand the digital footprint of your laboratories

  • Expandable Modules - Helps enhance your existing LabSolutions network.
  • Scale-up - Connect diverse instruments and software to your existing network.
  • Expand your Enterprise Digital Footprint - Connect your analytics to multiple labs and locations.

“LabSolutions BiX gives us the power to keep an accurate track on instrument and staff performance even as we Work from Home. We are particularly happy to have powerful visualisation and quick dashboards, which help us to make performance-based business decisions," said Reza H Ismail, Managing Director of Nori Pharma, Malaysia.

Chandra Sekhar, President of leading Indian testing lab, Perfomics Analytical Labs, said that, “As a testing lab we are always reliant on accurate data and LabSolutions BiX helps us to precisely show the status of our laboratories. With the expandable modules, we can expand our digital footprint using this software. Additionally, intuitive GUI enriches our total laboratory experience.” 

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