Aevice Health granted HSA Approval for first-of-its-kind smart wearable stethoscope in Singapore

29 March 2023 | Wednesday | News

Aevice Health, a Singapore-based MedTech company that specializes in developing remote respiratory monitoring solutions, today announced that its flagship medical device, the AeviceMD Monitoring System, has received approval from the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA). The award-winning patient management platform, powered by a smart wearable stethoscope, is the first of its kind to be made available in Singapore.

The AeviceMD Monitoring System’s wearable stethoscope is one of the smallest  globally that can detect abnormal breath sounds, such as wheezing, and monitor vital signs  including heart rate and respiratory rate. The device, which is approved for use in patients  three years and above, has a unique form factor that allows for continuous and comfortable  monitoring across a wide spectrum of ages from young children to the elderly, where  respiratory diseases are more prevalent. 

Approved for use in both clinical and home settings, the AeviceMD Monitoring System  is versatile, providing healthcare professionals with the opportunity to be flexible with the  deployment of the device. In-hospital monitoring, hospital-at-home monitoring, and remote  monitoring to complement telehealth are just some of the potential use cases.

Chronic respiratory disease affects over 545 million people worldwide and is one of  the leading causes of mortality1. Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary  Disease), which are prevalent in Singapore and many other countries, contribute significantly  to hospital emergency department (ED) visits and readmissions. Early detection of  exacerbations can prevent many of these hospitalizations.  

The AeviceMD Monitoring System continuously monitors digital biomarkers of interest,  providing healthcare professionals with an overview of the patient's lung health to track  progress over time. Patients, who are at risk of exacerbations, can be identified early to  prevent readmissions or ED visits. 

Adrian Ang, Chief Executive Officer of Aevice Health, said, "This is a momentous  milestone for the company and a timely achievement as our pipeline of partnerships in  Singapore grows. We are excited to leverage Singapore's strategic presence in Asia as a  medical hub to bring this novel technology into new markets where there is a high prevalence  of respiratory diseases."  


 With the approval of the AeviceMD Monitoring System, Aevice Health is well positioned to expand its reach and provide much-needed respiratory monitoring solutions to  patients in Singapore and beyond. 

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