Birmingham Biotech and Tanner Pharma Group enter distribution partnership for innovative nasal spray in Latin America

01 June 2022 | Wednesday | News

Birmingham Biotech Ltd, an innovator in diagnostic tests, protective nasal sprays and mobile medical facilities, and TannerLAC UK Limited ("TannerLAC"), a part of Tanner Pharma Group, have entered into a license agreement for the distribution of NoriziteTM Nasal Spray in Latin America.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

TannerLAC provides pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies with a single-point partner for the commercialization of their products in challenging international markets.

NoriziteTM Nasal Spray is an easy-to-use nasal device with a unique patented formulation, NoriziteTM, that is designed to help prevent infection from the inhalation of airborne viruses within the nasal passages. The gel-like NoriziteTM formulation creates a strong barrier in the nasal cavity that physically traps viruses and helps to remove them from the nose. The product is already available in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

Under the license agreement, TannerLAC will be responsible for the registration,
commercialization and promotion of NoriziteTM in Latin America. The official launch of the product in this region, including Mexico and most countries throughout Central America and South America, is expected later this year.

Carolina Cortez, EVP of TannerLAC, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Birmingham Biotech to bring this new technology to Latin America. Patients will greatly benefit from the freedom that NoriZiteTM will grant them with its anti-viral barrier. As countries in Latin America plan their return to normal activities, NoriZite’s easy-to-use and safe patented formulation will provide the additional protection many desire and will allow people to feel safer when carrying
out their daily activities.”


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