IQVIA Biotech to provide expertise and resources in JAPAC

25 May 2021 | Tuesday | News

In JAPAC, IQVIA Biotech teams are working to speed up the production of biologics, medicines, and vaccines in order to provide integrated clinical and commercial solutions.

With our regional headquarters in Singapore and offices in 15 countries, IQVIA Biotech provides technology-enabled services and solutions to accelerate clinical and commercial success for local and multinational emerging biopharma clients operating in Japan and Asia Pacific.


IQVIA Biotech teams use lean operating procedures and scientific specialization to deliver flexible solutions, powered by IQVIA’s technology-enabled services, that can help innovative companies reach their drug development and commercialization milestones. 

“Biotech companies are fueling rapid development of biologics, drugs, and vaccines, and when they succeed, we all succeed,” said Richard Staub, president, Research & Development Solutions at IQVIA. “By launching IQVIA Biotech in JAPAC, we can support the aspirations of biotech customers with agile solutions and resources dedicated to supporting smaller companies.”

Launched in North America and Europe in early 2019, IQVIA Biotech was designed in response to the needs of biotech customers for transparent and fit-for-purpose clinical processes with dedicated, therapeutically aligned partners. Since its launch, IQVIA Biotech has initiated hundreds of new trials for biotech companies, including COVID-19 trials. 

With specialized expertise in oncology, central nervous system disorders, dermatology, and cardiovascular and rare diseases, IQVIA Biotech has regional headquarters in Singapore and offices in 15 countries across the region. The dedicated IQVIA Biotech teams in JAPAC are equipped to meet the unique needs of biotech customers by creating intelligent connections across the drug development process.



Biotech companies from the region have emerged as critical drivers of innovation, and when they succeed, we all succeed. I am inspired by the passion and dedication of the people behind these organizations that led us to build this business unit to mirror our biotech customers – a flat and nimble organization with streamlined process, and the right therapeutic expertise to help our customers succeed and advance human health with newfound confidence.


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