iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc., Launches New Website

10 May 2022 | Tuesday | News

It aims to promote strategic collaborations in global while also highlights its many innovative advances and successful scientific ventures.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The parent company of iNtODEWORLD, Inc., iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc., ("iNtRON" or "Company") is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, iNtRON is a leading bio-venture company focused on the development of novel & first-in-class new drugs with bacteriophage platform technology and driving its commercial use in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

The company is recognized for its successful out-licensing of SAL200 (Tonabacase), the worlds' first bacteriophage-derived endolysin for the treatment of superbugs including MRSA. iNtRON is currently expanding their therapeutic focus beyond the infectious diseases area while diversifying the application of their bacteriophage platform technology in the immunotherapeutic area.

The launched website will showcase iNtRON's new concept, 'Triangle Hypothesis', that highlights the idea that bacteriophage has a close relationship with immunity. The website will provide enriched content with videos, graphics and figures to visualize the company's platform technologies and encourage strategic partnerships with potential collaboration in the related fields, globally.

"We are pleased to announce our new website launch. Our launched website will introduce our concept of bacteriophage that is new and unique from existing immunology and allow you to understand our R&BD expansion," said Kyung Won Yoon, CEO of iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc. "We would like to invite global potential collaborators and partners who are interested in exploring the potential of bacteriophage in 'Immune & Immunotherapeutics' fields to our website."

iNtRON launches their new website on May 9th, 2022 and invites visitors to explore the new interface and consider potential collaborations or partnerships in their many leading pipelines and research areas.


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