iMediSync Successfully Launches the Future of Tele-Medicare at CES 2022

28 January 2022 | Friday | News

An innovative Wireless Brainwave Scanning & Mapping device Attracts the Media and Public Attention from Visitors Around the World
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

iMediSync, A biotech startup company from Seoul, South Korea, successfully debuted at CES 2022 to introduce the new trend of digital healthcare under their motto – Overcome Mental Pandemic in just 10 Min.

At the event, the company presented iSyncWave, a dry EEG helmet that provides EEG, HRV measurement equipped with the world first age/gender matching Norm DB built with over 1,800 healthy brainwaves to provide a comparative analysis report to the subject.

iSyncWave's main features follow below:

  • Nineteen channel electrodes with gear that automatically adjust to the 10/20 system
  • Age/gender matching EEG and HRV analysis & assessment report in 10 minutes
  • PBM - Near InfraRed LED Therapy

During CES 2022, the company caught the attention of the media and visitors from all over the globe. Each day, more than three hundred visitors came to the booth including audiences such as doctors, clinicians, entrepreneurs, YouTubers, influencers, and interested parties.

On the first day of CES, nearly one hundred visitors were able to participate in their real-time brainwave measurement and to learn more about the brain and QEEG.

A promising start for the iMediSync continued its momentum with interest from all kinds of audiences including the CTA VIP tours.

The CEO Dr. Seung Wan Kang comments, "The purpose of this showcase is to introduce our technology and our goal that we will provide life-changing mental healthcare experience in the field of neuro-mental illness biomarker with our patent EEG/HRV technology, we strive to provide an optimized individual mental healthcare service in the post-Covid-19 era." 

Aside from iMediSync's innovation and technology, the booth received numerous visits from key personnel to discuss collaboration in digital healthcare fields and to expand to the global market of brain science and neurology.

iMediSync, expecting the IPO this year has established close cooperation with various research facilities and medical organization around the world is continuing discussion with major pharmaceutical companies for cooperation.

With the Korean FDA approval for their product and the software, iMediSync expects the FDA and CE approval in the first half of 2022 to expand further on their biomarkers along with developing a next-level product to declare themselves as a trend leader in the field.



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