SOAP Health and AESOP Technology Join Forces for Advanced AI Clinical Decision-Support and Coding

08 September 2023 | Friday | News

SOAP Health's conversational AI for medical encounters, risk and symptom assessment, and documentation integrates with AESOP Technology's electronic medical record data analysis for clinical decision optimization, coding, and productivity.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

 SOAP Health and AESOP Technology are excited to announce a transformative partnership that will push the boundaries of AI-enhanced medical encounters. This collaboration combines AESOP's cutting-edge DxPrime and DeepDRG solutions with SOAP Health's patented and clinically validated Ideal Medical AI Assistant™ to fuse patient-reported data with Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs) data to create Precision Patient Profiles™ that give physicians the most comprehensive view and understanding of their patients to improve speed to diagnosis, workflow efficiency, and revenue.

Steven Charlap, MD, MBA, CEO of SOAP Health, believes this alliance marks a milestone in effectively integrating AI into clinical encounters. "By incorporating AESOP's DxPrime into our existing solutions, we are elevating the realm of data-driven clinical decision-making. DxPrime's DeepDRG and Natural Language Processing capabilities are revolutionary, enhancing the quality and efficiency of data analysis and diagnostic decisions," said Dr. Charlap. "Combined with SOAP's patented and clinically validated Ideal Medical AI Assistant™, this partnership promises to enhance medical encounters, providing a robust, integrated solution that is unparalleled in today's market."

Combined with SOAP's integration with Dolbey Fusion Narrate™, a previously announced partnership, the Precision Patient Profile™ will seamlessly integrate into over 100 EMRs, fortifying the power of these applications to deliver value to physicians. "The joint venture between AESOP Technology and SOAP Health promises to radically optimize physician data collection and medical coding," says Jeremiah Scholl, Co-founder and CPO of AESOP Technology. "Our shared mission is to harness the power of AI to improve patient outcomes and clinical efficiency, and this partnership is a giant leap toward fulfilling that commitment."

SOAP Health's vision to reduce diagnostic errors aligns perfectly with AESOP's focus on improving the quality and efficiency of clinical decision-support and medical coding. This partnership is poised to bring significant advancements in physician practice, optimizing patient care and safety.

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