AsiaMedic raises healthcare standards in the Asia-Pacific region by installing the first SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T MRI Scanner

28 August 2023 | Monday | News

AsiaMedic, a leading health screening and diagnostic imaging specialist, has taken a groundbreaking leap in healthcare innovation with the installation of the first-ever SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner in the Asia-Pacific region, on its premises.

 This revolutionary milestone reinforces AsiaMedic's commitment to advancing patient care through cutting-edge technology. The SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T MRI scanner acquired from GE HealthCare is poised to offer enhanced imaging quality, faster scan times, and redefine diagnostic precision.


The rapidly evolving landscape of the healthcare industry demands exceptional solutions for early disease detection and diagnosis. The SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T MRI, designed to address these challenges head-on, heralds a new era in medical imaging. With the escalating patient demand for MRI examinations, this state-of-the-art scanner promises enhanced patient outcomes and reduced clinician burdens. Essentially, it aims to make MRI examinations simpler.

"At AsiaMedic, our mission is to elevate healthcare standards and transform lives. By becoming the first centre in Asia-Pacific to house the SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T MRI, we are excited to extend our service offerings and provide an unparalleled scanning experience for our patients. This revolutionary MRI system employs advanced AI solutions and technology to deliver faster and more precise imaging results, aligning with our commitment to excellence," remarked Arifin Kwek, CEO of AsiaMedic.

The SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T MRI scanner ushers in an array of benefits:

1. Enhanced Image Quality: Featuring the AI Deep Learning-based reconstruction technique (AIR™ Recon DL), this system achieves up to four times the Signal-to-Noise ratio. This advancement eradicates unwanted signals from raw data, producing sharper, more accurate images for precise diagnoses.

2. Faster Scan Times: Thanks to the synergy of AIR™ Recon DL and automated applications like intelligent slice placement, consistent and accurate images are guaranteed regardless of patient pathology, patient position, or time between scans. This innovation leads to improved workflow, with up to 59% reduced setup time and a 37% reduction in table time, significantly enhancing productivity.

3. Greater Patient Comfort: The scanner's Whole Body Imaging capability enables comprehensive clinical coverage, minimising patient adjustments during scans. The expansive bore covers a larger clinical surface, facilitating faster scans for situations requiring extensive organ imaging. Light AIR™ Coils also wrap around the body, offering greater flexibility and coverage to scan larger surface areas or more organs.

4. Sustainable, Extensive Imaging Solution: The scanner's new magnet utilises 65% less helium and weighs two tons less than previous systems. It offers various clinical use cases, including brain, prostate, cardiac, musculoskeletal, liver elastography, nerve, and breast imaging.

"As GE HealthCare, our collaboration with AsiaMedic reflects our shared commitment to revolutionising diagnostic imaging through cutting-edge solutions. The SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T MRI scanner is designed to handle the toughest challenges and will undoubtedly improve patient outcomes, ease clinician workloads, and simplify complex MRI exams. This landmark partnership with AsiaMedic is a testament to our dedication to enhancing the healthcare journey for patients," stated Vijay Subramaniam, ASEAN, Korea and Australia/New Zealand (AKA) Imaging General Manager at GE HealthCare.

AsiaMedic's strategic investment in the SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T MRI scanner underscores its mission of patient-centric care and innovative growth. By embracing digital transformation and pioneering technology, the centre is set to reduce wait times, accommodate more patients, and elevate patient care standards. This landmark achievement aligns with AsiaMedic's vision of diversifying its portfolio to offer enhanced healthcare services enabled by cutting-edge technology.

Beyond technological advancements, AsiaMedic is venturing into new territories, exploring opportunities in VietnamIndonesiaMalaysia, and Cambodia. The centre aims to extend its commitment to delivering top-tier healthcare services, positively impacting lives across the region.


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