6th Asia Dengue Summit kicks off on 15 June, in conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day

15 June 2023 | Thursday | News

Global dengue experts convene at summit, aim to establish integrated and multisectoral collaboration recommendations for the eradication of dengue deaths.


  • The ASEAN region has witnessed a significant increase in dengue cases and is considered the global epicenter of dengue infections

With more than 390 million infections per year, dengue remains one of the most widespread and rapidly increasing vector-borne diseases in the world[1]. From 2015-2019, the ASEAN region has seen a 46% increase in dengue cases, with Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand being some of the most highly endemic countries in the world[2].


To address the growing threat of dengue, over 450 leading dengue experts from 23 countries, including clinicians, academia, researchers, government public health leaders and policymakers will gather at the 6th Asia Dengue Summit to exchange ideas, updates and achievements on dengue prevention and control.


Themed “Roadmap to Zero Dengue Death”, the two day summit from 15-16 June 2023 in Bangkok is co-convened by Asia Dengue Voice and Action (ADVA); Tropical Medicine Cluster, Chulalongkorn University; Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute; Thai Red Cross Society; Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University; Ministry of Public Health, Thailand; Global Dengue and Aedes Transmitted Diseases Consortium (GDAC); Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Tropical Medicine and Public Health Network (SEAMEO TROPMED); Fondation Mérieux (FMx) and the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD).


Experts at the summit will discuss issues that surround dengue disease management and propose strategies that can enhance dengue control. The summit was joined by Dr. Tares Krassanairawiwong, Director-General of the Department of Diseases Control, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health, to deliver an opening remark.


Professor Usa Thisyakorn, ADVA’s Steering Committee Member, Chairperson of the 6th Asia Dengue Summit and Executive Director at Tropical Medicine Cluster, Chulalongkorn University, said, “Dengue must be recognized as a shared global threat and deserves more attention. Despite being a longstanding disease, it continues to affect populations of all ages worldwide, imposing an adverse socio-economic impact to us all.”


“In line with the World Health Organization’s goal in ending dengue death by 2030, cross-sector and cross-country synergies are required as part of the roadmap to this ambitious goal,” Prof Usa further said.


World Dengue Day

In 2021, ISNTD and ADVA announced the establishment of World Dengue Day to improve global awareness, share best practices, and prioritize preparedness in the fight against dengue. To effectively tackle and eradicate dengue, joint effort amongst a widespread of stakeholder is required. The World Dengue Day calls on all governments, healthcare professionals, civil societies, public and private sectors, schools and universities, and citizens in dengue-endemic countries to form a strong coalition to encourage and accelerate a collective dengue control response. 


Mr. Kamran Rafiq, Director and Co-Founder of ISNTD and Co-Founder and Secretariat for World Dengue Day campaign and global petition, said, “To effectively address the escalating threat of dengue, it is crucial to foster the mutual exchange of best practices, shared resources, and informative decisions to advance our global prevention and control efforts.” 


“World Dengue Day, derived from ASEAN Dengue Day since 2021, serves as a reminder that this is a collective responsibility. An all-encompassing approach involving active vector control, continuous disease surveillance, and more importantly engaging the actual communities to yield the most sustainable long-term solution,” Mr. Kamran further added.


A New Generation of Dengue Advocates

ADVA’s success as a leading advocate for dengue control relies on inspiring future generations. Decimating dengue is now a real possibility due to the commitment and stewardship of those focusing relentlessly on vaccine development, improving dengue management, and establishing nationwide surveillance programs. Building on this foundation, a new generation of dengue advocates will have unprecedented tools to advance the understanding of dengue, including genomics, machine learning and new evidence generation methods.


On this front, ADVA is committed to paving the path for emerging clinicians and researchers and empowering them to step up and own leadership roles in the ongoing fight against dengue.



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