SOPHiA GENETICS Partners with Microsoft and NVIDIA to Transform Whole Genome Sequencing

31 May 2024 | Friday | News

New Collaboration to Deliver Accelerated, Scalable WGS Analytical Solutions to Healthcare Institutions by Year-End
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

SOPHiA GENETICS a cloud-native healthcare technology company and a global leader in data-driven medicine, announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft and NVIDIA to leverage their expertise in technology and genomics to bring a streamlined and scalable whole genome sequencing (WGS) analytical solution to healthcare institutions, with the aim to make the solution available to customers before the end of the year.

The new WGS application from SOPHiA GENETICS will be designed to provide fully analyzed whole genome insights in an accelerated timeline, enabling researchers and clinicians to make data-driven decisions within the same day. This expedited speed will also increase opportunities for researchers and biotechnology companies to innovate rapidly across clinical research, drug discovery and care delivery with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

"By leveraging the powerful  technologies and capabilities offered by Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA, we are working to provide accurate, scalable, and rapid insights across multiple modalities, helping benefit our customers and, ultimately, patients, particularly those living with rare inherited disorders," said Abhimanyu Verma, Chief Technology Officer, SOPHiA GENETICS. "We are confident our new WGS application will help provide an answer to existing customer needs and expedite research, diagnosis and treatment planning worldwide."

The SOPHiA DDM™ Platform is a tech-agnostic, universal cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that enables healthcare institutions to get quick, robust, and actionable insights from their data. SOPHiA GENETICS' technology analyzes genomic data, alongside other modalities – including diagnostic details, imaging, pathology, and medical assessments – to provide clear insights for institutions worldwide. The collective intelligence garnered from SOPHiA DDM™ supports discoveries, treatment decisions, and drug development efforts, benefiting patients with cancer and rare inherited genetic disorders.

As part of this collaboration, SOPHiA DDM™, hosted on Azure, will be powered by NVIDIA Parabricks for SOPHiA DDM™'s WGS application. NVIDIA Parabricks is a scalable genomics analysis software suite that leverages full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing to process whole genomes in minutes. Compatible with all leading sequencing instruments, Parabricks supports diverse bioinformatics workflows and integrates artificial intelligence (AI) for accuracy and customization. SOPHiA GENETICS will also use powerful NVIDIA GPUs on Azure to process computationally heavy workloads, providing a scalable and efficient solution.

"Whole-genome sequencing has the potential to enhance and accelerate treatment plans and drug development efforts," said George Vacek, Global Head of Genomics Alliances, NVIDIA. "Powered by NVIDIA Parabricks, SOPHiA DDM can process whole genomes in minutes, unlocking new possibilities and and helping drive meaningful impact for patients worldwide."

"Microsoft aims to propel healthcare and life sciences into an exciting new era of personalized medicine, helping unlock transformative possibilities for patients worldwide," said Peter Durlach, corporate vice president, Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft. "Our longstanding work with SOPHiA GENETICS and this latest collaboration leveraging Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA technology to create a new whole genome sequencing application, will have the potential to accelerate vital health research worldwide."


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