FOXO Technologies™ and DataRobot Partner for AI-Driven Human Longevity Research

19 August 2023 | Saturday | News

FOXO Technologies Inc. (NYSEAM: FOXO), a leader in the field of commercializing epigenetic biomarker technology, has advanced in its mission to utilize the power of epigenetics and artificial intelligence to generate data-driven insights that promote optimal health and longevity. In collaboration with DataRobot, the leader in Value-Driven AI, FOXO has successfully harnessed the powers of predictive AI and high-throughput automation to estimate factors associated with human longevity using epigenetic biomarkers.

Epigenetic biomarkers provide valuable insights into the relationships among health, aging, and human longevity. These biomarkers are developed by leveraging DNA methylation microarray technology, which covers over 860,000 sites on the human genome. By automating the training and evaluation of thousands of models, FOXO is spearheading the commercialization of these revolutionary epigenetic biomarkers, paving the way for advancements in personalized wellness and disease prevention.

FOXO's partnership with DataRobot has proven instrumental in its efforts to propel this research forward. By leveraging DataRobot's powerful AI platform, FOXO can efficiently analyze vast amounts of complex data, significantly expediting the identification of key biomarkers. FOXO believes the integration of AI and machine learning will enable FOXO to remain at the forefront of epigenetic research, ensuring unparalleled speed and computational capacity for their clients.

Nichole Rigby, Director of Bioinformatics and Data Science at FOXO Technologies, emphasized the significance of their collaboration with DataRobot: “This partnership has been transformative for our research. DataRobot's library of advanced algorithms and extensive automation capabilities have empowered us to rapidly transform DNA methylation data into useful insights, enabling us to develop and deploy software products quickly.”

“We believe that with the ability to analyze data at scale, FOXO can uncover critical patterns and associations that hold the potential to reshape healthcare and wellness strategies,” stated CEO of FOXO Technologies, Tyler Danielson. “Our mission is to enhance human health and longevity through innovative technologies. Collaborating with DataRobot has given us the tools to accelerate our efforts, providing crucial insights into the aging process and ultimately enabling us to improve the quality of life for people worldwide.”

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