Creoptix launches software to deliver automated, flexible and intuitive label-free interaction analysis

08 August 2022 | Monday | News

Creoptix launches new WAVEcontrol software to deliver automated, flexible and intuitive label-free interaction analysis for biologics drug-discovery
The WAVEsystem with the WAVEcontrol 4.0 embedded

The WAVEsystem with the WAVEcontrol 4.0 embedded

Creoptix® (a Malvern Panalytical brand) is announcing the addition of two new wizards to their WAVEcontrol software to simplify and streamline workflows. By combining the high sensitivity, throughput, and no-clog microfluidics of the WAVEsystem, with a faster, more flexible, automated approach to screening and characterization, Creoptix is accelerating biologics drug discovery and diagnostics development.
The WAVEsystem uses patented grating-coupled interferometry (GCI) technology as a powerful label-free alternative to conventional bioassays. Label-based analytics can cause issues such as altered analyte structures, non-specific binding, background noise and poor detection of weak interactions. GCI technology enables real-time affinity and kinetic measurement, with accurate binding specificity data for every type of analyte, from weak-binding fragments and small molecules to the most complex, native proteins in complex matrices.
The WAVEcontrol is the intuitive software used to operate the device and enables analysts to move from set-up to reporting in four simple steps, through an experiment design optimizer, automated set-up and flexible data evaluation, including Direct Kinetics, and customizable data reporting. The two new smart wizards being launched extend the automated capabilities of the system with:
Ligand screening – a faster, flexible way to screen and characterize antibodies. This wizard works in a Ligand Block logic with each automated block of activity including ligand capture, sample injection and surface regeneration. With an integrated Target Level function, ligand level density is automatically controlled for optimal comparison.
Calibration-free concentration analysis (CFCA) – a reliable, quick and easy calibration-free approach to the quantification of active protein concentration. This new feature is ideal for active protein characterization when a suitable calibrant is not available and when purification efficiency testing is required.


WAVEcontrol 4.0
Figure 2: WAVEcontrol 4.0
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Tatiana Tiago, Product Manager at Creoptix, explains: “We wanted to create an environment where analysts could move seamlessly from sample to data in as few steps as possible, getting to the outputs they need at the touch of a button. The WAVEsystem already provides sensitivity and signal stability, fast throughput and non-clog fluidics, but we wanted to make sure that analysts could harness the analytical power of the system in an easy, flexible and automated way.”
“The new WAVEcontrol software wizards mirror the way scientists work and allow them to stay close to the ligand-analyte interaction but ensure as many tasks as possible are automated, saving time and cost, and reducing the errors that can creep in with manual processes.”


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