Suvoda Unveils New Brand to Reflect Expanded Focus in Complex Clinical Trial Management

04 April 2023 | Tuesday | News

Alongside brand refresh, leading clinical trial technology company announces eConsent and eCOA offerings to better support the patient clinical trial journey.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

 Suvoda LLC in March month, launched a refreshed brand, to better reflect its leadership position as a global clinical trial technology company that specializes in highly complex studies, such as oncology, central nervous system and rare disease. The updated brand comes with a new tagline, Trial wisely, embodying Suvoda's expertise in supporting and empowering pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to take command over the ever-growing operational complexities of life-sustaining studies. After a standout year in 2021 and having supported nearly 1,000 trials across 65 countries since its founding, the company recently expanded beyond its flagship IRT product. Suvoda announced the release of its eConsent and eCOA solutions—now in early adopter phase—marking a critical step in Suvoda's path to streamline complex clinical trials.

"Clinical trials are in the midst of a major shift in complexity and patient-centricity, forcing sponsors and CROs to adapt quickly," said Jagath Wanninayake, CEO of Suvoda. "Now more than ever, clinical trials require both urgency and rigor—Suvoda specializes in both. Our new brand reflects Suvoda's journey and clarifies our purpose as a trusted partner in managing these operational complexities. With an expanded solution set of patient-centric offerings, we are ideally positioned to support the next generation of clinical trials."

The day-to-day work lives of clinical trial professionals have become ever more challenging as they deal with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, trends around patient centricity and decentralization. Additionally, due to medical advances, trials in areas like oncology, CNS and rare disease have unique challenges that are creating greater logistical complexity.

Building on the company's extensive experience fine-tuning management of these complexities through its precision-built products, rigorously defined processes, and exceptionally prepared people, Suvoda is applying the same standards of excellence to its new eConsent and eCOA offerings.

What unites these products, which will operate seamlessly on a single platform, is their ability to manage time sensitive, mission critical moments in life-sustaining trials. This product expansion provides trial managers greater visibility into—and control of—the patient journey, while simultaneously simplifying and enhancing the patient experience.

"At Suvoda, we have an intense focus on getting things right for our customers," said Elena Filimonova, chief marketing officer at Suvoda. "The most rewarding part of the rebranding process was hearing from customers, employees, and industry influencers that what we do and how we do it is exceptional. We are excited to tell the Suvoda story, knowing that our position is authentic and supportable, and that we are poised to deliver on a global scale."

As part of the brand launch, Suvoda is unveiling a new logo—a streamlined word mark whose horizontal flow reflects the company's support of the patient journey across the full lifespan of a trial. The brand is supported by an updated color palette and look and feel dominated by close-up photography that keeps the focus on those whom Suvoda serves—clinicians and patients. As part of today's brand reveal, the company launched a new website.

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