Unlocking Access to Better Hearing Health: New Mobile Fitting Van Hits the Road in China

26 September 2023 | Tuesday | News

Signia, one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands, is shaping a new era of accessibility to hearing health with the launch of its groundbreaking initiative – the Signia Mobile Fitting Van. Amidst diverse landscapes and communities, the profound gift of sound should be inclusive to all. However, geographical limitations and the need for improved hearing care accessibility have stood in the way of many from embracing the joy of better hearing. In a vast and culturally rich

In a vast and culturally rich nation like China, millions of individuals deserve the opportunity  to experience the beauty of sound. The Signia Mobile Fitting Van stands as a beacon of  promise, fully equipped to conduct comprehensive hearing tests, fittings, and adjustments,  complete with a dedicated consulting area and testing room. It doesn't just bridge gaps in  access; it forges new pathways for engagement.

One of the key features of the van is its built-in batteries, which power the air conditioning  system for up to 7 hours, providing users with added convenience, especially during hot  summers or cold winters. The interior of the van has been thoughtfully designed, with  attention given to details like safety straps on passenger seats and steps with handles for  easy access, ensuring both convenience and safety, particularly for elderly customers.

Engineered with the intent to serve regions where healthcare infrastructure may pose  challenges, the van, will embark on roadshows and end-user events, generating  opportunities for local distributors and laying the groundwork for a comprehensive hearing  care network even in the remotest corners. 

"For many years, the hearing industry has struggled with reaching those in need of hearing  aids. Addressing accessibility, mobility, and the scarcity of skilled hearing specialists has  been a persistent challenge, leaving many individuals without the life-changing benefits of  hearing aids. Our Mobile Fitting Van emerges as a tangible response to this challenge,  aiming to extend our commitment to communities where hearing care has historically been  underserved," says Bernd Wagner, CEO of WS Audiology China. 

Signia is the first brand in the Chinese hearing aid industry to offer mobile fitting services,  challenging the status quo and striving to make high-quality hearing aid assessments  accessible to a broader audience. The van’s mobility allows it to find its place within  communities, facilitating the provision of hearing care services that were once distant  aspirations. 

"Our vision is clear – to make hearing aids more accessible to everyone, irrespective of their  location or socioeconomic background. Through this initiative, our aim is to simplify the  process of hearing tests and increase awareness around hearing protection," says Bernd  Wagner. 

Today, more than 1.6 billion people worldwide are affected by hearing loss, with around 430  million experiencing a severe form that requires intervention. According to the World Health  Organization, the number of people with hearing loss is projected to reach 2.5 billion by  2050, with at least 700 million facing a disabling condition. Remarkably, less than 20% of  those who require treatment have access to hearing aids, despite the significant negative  impact (social isolation and loneliness, higher risk of developing dementia and higher risk of  unemployment1) that hearing loss has on both individuals and society as a whole. 

With the launch of the Signia Mobile Fitting Van, Signia underscores its dedication to  bringing brilliant lives to its customers through better hearing. The company hopes to  empower individuals with hearing loss to lead fulfilling lives, contributing to the social and  economic fabric of communities across the nation. 


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