Ubie Teams Up with Google's Android Health Connect (Beta) for Japan Launch

10 May 2023 | Wednesday | News

Ubie, Inc. (US Headquarters: 1460 Broadway, New York, Suite 10003, NY 10036; Co-Representative Directors: Yoshinori Abe and Kota Kubo; hereinafter referred to as "Ubie") has partnered with Google's Android platform, "Health Connect (Beta)," as one of the six launch partners in Japan (*1).

Users who agree to share data, such as blood sugar levels, on Health Connect (Beta) can benefit from improved accuracy of symptom-related questions in Ubie AI Symptom Checker for patient services. This enables users to receive higher-quality information about diseases and make appropriate medical decisions.


Health Connect (Beta) is an Android platform provided by Google that allows for easy data sharing between health and fitness apps. Users can easily manage, change, or delete data aggregated on Health Connect (Beta). By consolidating health-related information, users can discover new tips for improving their health from connected apps. Health Connect (Beta) already connects over 40 apps worldwide.

Ubie AI Symptom Checker is a medical service that helps patients find appropriate medical care. Patients can search for disease-related information and suitable medical facilities for any symptoms they may have, anytime and anywhere. The Japanese version also supports local medical institutions and appropriate medical actions. As of April 2023, the service is used by over 7 million people per month in Japan and the US.

In this collaboration between Health Connect (Beta) and Ubie AI Symptom Checker, users can agree to obtain various health-related data from other apps to improve the accuracy of symptom-related questionnaires. For example, if a diabetic patient who regularly measures their blood sugar levels searches for symptoms of feeling unwell with Ubie AI Symptom Checker, the accuracy of the AI's questions will improve based on blood sugar level data obtained from other apps (*2). If there is a risk of a higher-risk disease, the AI will guide users to the appropriate medical facility to take appropriate medical actions. In the future, Ubie is considering obtaining vital data from other apps under user agreement and sending the acquired data along with the symptom search results to the connected medical facility. This will enable medical institutions to approach treatment with more information, including quantitative data.

The blood sugar level data linkage will start on April 20, 2023, and the data transmission function to medical institutions is scheduled to be provided in the second half of 2023. Health Connect (Beta) data is stored on the user's device. Users can confirm permission to read and write data between apps by aggregating it on Health Connect (Beta). Users can change their app-to-app connection settings at any time from Health Connect (Beta).

We are striving to create a society where everyone can access medical care that suits them, and we will continue to support patients to bring them closer to medical care and lead healthier lifestyles.

*1 This partnership applies only to the Japanese version of Ubie AI Symptom Checker.
*2 Maximum data utilization may be difficult depending on the data acquisition status.


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