Amalgam Rx Enhances Partnership with Novo Nordisk

20 December 2022 | Tuesday | News

Integrating Dose Check with continuous glucose meters, injection delivery devices, and electronic health records, along with a strategic investment

 Amalgam Rx, Inc., the leader in connecting healthcare providers and life sciences companies through a SaaS-enabled digital marketplace and product platform, is announcing the expansion of its global agreement with Novo Nordisk for the commercialization of Dose Check. The new agreement bolsters the existing partnership and product suite between Novo Nordisk and Amalgam by incorporating and integrating with connected insulin delivery devices, continuous glucose monitors, and electronic health records (EHRs). Novo Nordisk is also making an equity investment in Amalgam.

Dose Check is a digital insulin initiation and titration app developed to help people with type 2 diabetes using basal insulin. Many people with type 2 diabetes are hesitant about starting on insulin. Insulin initiation can seem overwhelming, which may lead to anxiety and confusion1. It can also be challenging and time-consuming for healthcare providers (HCPs) who often need to decipher incomplete and inaccurate self-management data. Another challenge is titration where it has been observed that 72-84% of patients do not recall hearing about titration or dose adjustment from their doctor2.

“We’re expanding Dose Check’s geographic footprint and simplifying the way people living with diabetes and HCPs access digital health solutions. We are now investing further in our partnership with Amalgam with the ambition to use innovative digital health solutions to further improve personalized care for people living with diabetes,” said Thomas Thestrup-Terp, Corporate Vice President, Digital Strategy & Solutions, Novo Nordisk.

“It’s incredibly rewarding and validating to see the continued expansion of Dose Check. We are very proud of the program’s progress to date and of our collaboration with Novo Nordisk,” said Ryan Sysko, Chief Executive Officer, Amalgam Rx.


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