Vetter strengthens worldwide commitment to sustainable business practices

08 March 2023 | Wednesday | News

– Vetter has recently become a participant of the UN Global Compact Network (UN GC). The globally operating Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) is one of the pioneers in the industry regarding responsible, sustainable, and transparent business practices. To date, only 308 biopharmaceutical companies worldwide have signed the UN Global Compact.

Globally, Vetter is one of over 300 companies in the pharma and biotech industry
that have signed the UN Global Compact
 Membership drives expansion of ecologically and socially responsible supply chains
and sustainable business processes in the biopharma industry
 Internationally operating CDMO expands sustainability activities onto a global level


To date, only 308 biopharmaceutical companies worldwide have  signed the UN Global Compact. By joining, Vetter commits itself to aligning and documenting its  corporate actions to the ten defined principles. Their focus is on the enforcement and  implementation of human and employee rights, environmental protection, and the prevention of  corruption. 

Henryk Badack, Senior Vice President Technical Service and Internal Project Management is  responsible for all global sustainability activities at Vetter. He explains: "We have already been  pursuing a very ambitious sustainability strategy for years. By committing to the goals of the UN  Global Compact, we are reaching the next level and are further expanding our initiatives to a global  level." 

As a participant, Vetter gains access to the large network of companies and organizations that are  committed to the same corporate goals. This includes much more than CO2 reduction. The  initiative sees itself as an open forum to initiate change processes and share ideas and best  practice concepts. In national networks, participants develop concrete approaches to solutions and  thus contribute to the overarching vision of the UN Global Compact. Vetter will submit an annual  progress report. The publicly viewable document (Communication of Progress, COP) serves as  important evidence of transparency and accountability. 

"As a family-owned business in the healthcare sector, we bear great responsibility,” says Henryk  Badack. “And we believe in the power of cooperation. The UN Global Compact combines these  two approaches very well and is also a strong commitment to shared values and goals across  business sectors and national borders." 

With its own comprehensive initiatives, Vetter also simultaneously supports its customers and  partners in their sustainable supply chain. Together, the companies achieve a responsible flow of  goods and sustainable business processes in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Vetter Pharma International GmbH · PO Box 23 80 · 88193 Ravensburg · Germany 

Launched in 2000, the UN Global Compact is the largest corporate initiative on sustainable  business worldwide. More than 15,000 companies and 3,000 non-profit organizations from over  160 countries have signed the initiative to date.


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