Oncoshot Collaborates with Zhejiang Ablaze for Data-Driven Drug Development in China

26 December 2023 | Tuesday | News

Oncoshot, an innovative health insights exchange platform leveraging AI and federated learning, today announced it has forged a strategic partnership with Zhejiang Ablaze Medicine, a leading service provider of end-to-end clinical trial solutions, to jointly pioneer AI-led innovations to transform the speed, efficiency, accessibility of global drug development programs.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

This collaboration brings together complementary strengths - Oncoshot's capabilities in data analysis and insights generation with Ablaze's recent expansion into data management and clinical trials recruitment.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise, Ablaze is one of the leading experts in clinical trial management in China with wide access to biopharma and hospitals. This vast clinical trial infrastructure allows Ablaze to seamlessly undertake end-to-end orchestration required for flawless clinical trial execution.

Powered by two decades of profound trials expertise, Ablaze today facilitates over 200 global customers across four continents to optimise research outcomes. Its partnership with Oncoshot marks the next phase of growth through technology-powered innovation.

This collaboration provides Oncoshot an opportunity to enter the rapidly growing China healthcare market alongside a recognised domestic leader. It also enables geographic expansion in China/APAC by interlinking Oncoshot's data and analytics offerings with Ablaze's sizable regional trials operations.

For Oncoshot's biopharma clients, jointly harnessing technology-powered trial design fuelled by data-guided patient recruitment and protocol optimisation unlocks meaningful potential to improve clinical research outcomes through advanced analytics.

Joint Solution for Driving Innovation in Drug Development

Through this alliance, the two companies will collaborate to apply advanced analytics and new technology paradigms to elevate clinical trials that enhance the speed, quality, efficiency and patient-centricity of drug development programs globally.

Speaking on the future impact of this partnership, Marco Meng, director and co-founder of Ablaze said: "Together, we can help predict optimal trial sites, enhance patient matching and retention, and enable a continuous cycle of trial design improvements powered by data and technology. We are excited about the immense potential to accelerate therapies for patients."

Core Elements of the Partnership:

Through dedicated joint working groups, both organisations will collaborate to embed advanced analytics and automation to optimise myriad facets of clinical trials:

  • Population Analytics - Oncoshot will enrich Ablaze's trial design and planning with crucial population-level insights on disease prevalence, treatment dynamics, and patient behaviour attributes from its proprietary databanks
  • Enriched Data Infrastructure – Oncoshot will support Ablaze and its partner healthcare systems with enriched federated data infrastructure

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