Creative BioMart Updated Its R-PEAPC Conjugated Proteins for Research Use

28 August 2023 | Monday | News

Creative BioMart, one of the world leading biotechnology companies serving science, recently updated its R-PEAPC Conjugated Proteins offerings to meet different research needs and applications.

R-PE Labeled Proteins are labeled products generated by combining R-PE fluorescent dyes with proteins. R-PE labeled protein is non-toxic, odorless, and has high stability. And when the excitation wavelength is long, the fluorescence signal is strong, suitable for various immunological studies in the laboratory.


More and more studies have shown that R-phycoerythrin (R-PE) labeled proteins have broad application prospects in laboratory applications, biopharmaceutical and diagnostic technologies, as well as biological imaging. 


For cell and molecular biology research, R-PE labeled protein can be used as a biomarker in cellular immune analysis, and can also be used as a fluorescent marker in the research of many cells, cell components and related molecules. For Biomedical research, R-PE labeled proteins can be used as fluorescent probes for drug efficacy, biological molecular components, biomarker and diagnostic and therapeutic methods. In Clinical trials, R-PE labeled proteins can be used for dynamic monitoring of drugs and pharmacokinetic studies.


With a complete, professional, as well as an experienced team, Creative BioMart now offers over 300 kinds of R-PE or APC conjugated recombinant proteins which are convenient for research assay. Featured conjugated products include: TNFRSF17, IL3RA, Sdc1, CD19, MS4A1, CD19, CD22. TNFRSF8, CD38. CD55, Spn, CD72, ULBP1, IL1RAP, MET, EGFR, EPCAM, EPBB2. GPC3, PDCD1, CD274, CA9, VCAM1, MMP2, ROR1, FOLR1, etc.


Advantages of Creative BioMart’s R-PE Labeled Proteins

  • Strong stability
    ● Stable fluorescence signals
    ● Strong color rendering
    ● Low false positive rates
    ● Easy to operate
    ● Customized to meet your experimental needs


According to Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart, the company can also conjugate specific recombinant proteins based on customer’s diversified needs. 

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