HitGen Launches Upgraded OpenDEL™ Kit in China to Enhance Drug Discovery Research.

27 June 2023 | Tuesday | News

HitGen Inc. ("HitGen", SSE: 688222.SH) has recently launched a newly upgraded version of its OpenDEL™ product, a self-service screening kit for novel molecules. It contains 65% more DEL libraries than the previous version, and with over 3 billion compounds. The 2-cycle and 3-cycle libraries in the kit are designed with excellent drug-like properties. The upgraded OpenDEL™ provides more diverse options with more flexible packages and service models to meet more differentiated user needs.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

OpenDEL™ is a self-service DNA-encoded library (DEL) kit, which enables users to explore DEL selection campaigns without revealing the target identity. Under the guidance of the manual and operating instructions, users can utilize OpenDEL™ to conduct affinity screening experiments against protein targets in their own laboratories. HitGen can provide upstream and downstream technical support.

OpenDEL™ is a fully-open, transparent, small molecule screening kit, featuring complete disclosure of information for molecular structures, building blocks, scaffolds and compound encoding sequences. The users do not need to pay structure disclosure fees, nor compound IP license fees.

OpenDEL™ can be widely applied in multiple areas, including drug discovery and AI-ML research. In the drug discovery scenarios, the complete information disclosure of OpenDEL™ can enable efficient and convenient discovery of novel hits and lead compounds. In the AI-ML scenarios, OpenDEL™ can provide a large number of high-quality screening data to facilitate the AI/ML predictive model building, algorithm development and validation, as well as other frontier explorations, thus promoting the AI-driven drug development.

Since its release, OpenDEL™ has been widely used and highly recognized by many users from more than 10 countries, including biopharmaceutical companies, AI technology companies, academic institutions and colleges.

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