A&D Invests $1M in Aevice Health to Expand Remote Respiratory Solutions

15 May 2024 | Wednesday | News

Partnership Aims to Penetrate Japanese and US Markets, Leveraging A&D's Expertise and Aevice Health's Innovative Technology with Support from JETRO Singapore
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

  • A&D Company, Limited has entered into a US$1M investment agreement with  Aevice Health 
  • The collaboration is geared towards jointly expanding Aevice Health's presence in  both the Japanese and US markets 
  • The collaboration will also give Aevice Health access to A&D Company, Limited's  expertise in medical technology development and sales network. A&D Company,  Limited will leverage Aevice Health's technology to create novel healthcare solutions 
  • This collaboration is fostered by the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) Singapore 

Aevice Health, a leading provider of remote respiratory  monitoring solutions, today announced that it has secured a US$1 million investment from A&D Company, Limited. This investment marks a significant milestone for Aevice Health as it  extends its US FDA-cleared and Singapore HSA-approved flagship product, the AeviceMD,  into the Japanese and US markets.


Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, A&D Company, Limited is a world leader in the design  and manufacturing of precision measurement and product inspection equipment for  healthcare, laboratories, and various industrial markets, operating in 13 countries. Its wholly owned US subsidiary, A&D Engineering, Inc., specializes in the manufacturing and distribution  of connected health and advanced biometric monitoring solutions for consumer and  professional use. 

Under this agreement, A&D Company, Limited will acquire equity in Aevice Health,  and secure rights to invest in subsequent rounds. This collaboration enables Aevice Health to  tap into A&D Company, Limited's expertise in medical technology and extensive sales network. In turn, A&D Company, Limited can leverage Aevice Health's innovative digital health  technology to develop innovative products and services addressing today’s healthcare  challenges and enhancing value for healthcare professionals and patients alike.  

“It is a privilege to work with A&D Company, Limited and its subsidiaries to enhance  the clinical application of our solutions to tackle a variety of diseases. With their invaluable  technical and commercialization expertise, we are excited to work together to realize our vision  of enhancing care for patients with respiratory diseases. Additionally, we would like to thank  JETRO Singapore for facilitating this collaboration between A&D Company, Limited and  Aevice Health”, said Adrian Ang, CEO and Co-Founder of Aevice Health. 

“We are delighted to announce our investment in Aevice Health. This collaboration will strengthen our ability to develop solutions for the health challenges facing society. We are  eager to leverage our expertise and technology together to further our joint mission of  improving patient care for those with respiratory conditions”, said Yasunobu Morishima, Representative Director and President of A&D Company, Limited. 

The collaboration between A&D Company, Limited, and Aevice Health was made  possible through the efforts of JETRO Singapore, which played a crucial role in connecting  and facilitating cooperation between the 2 companies. 


Chronic respiratory diseases, the third leading cause of global mortality, claimed over  4 million lives in 20191. In the US and Japan, these diseases impose a heavy economic burden,  with healthcare spending totaling US$170.8 billion2(2016) and ¥1.5 trillion (2019) respectively.  This burden is particularly pronounced among the elderly population, who often require  frequent monitoring and face barriers to access due to the uneven distribution of physicians  between urban and rural areas34

AeviceMD is a Singapore HSA-approved and US FDA-cleared patient management  platform for chronic respiratory disease management, featuring a smart wearable stethoscope  suitable for all ages. The platform continuously monitors for biomarkers of interest such as  wheezing and early signs of exacerbation. By providing healthcare professionals with patients’  longitudinal data and the capability to utilize a remote stethoscope on their patients, the  

AeviceMD enables comprehensive lung health assessments to be conveniently conducted  from the patient’s homes. 

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