IQVIA Launches One Home for Sites™ to Streamline Clinical Trial Management

13 June 2024 | Thursday | News

New Platform Integrates Key Systems into a Single Dashboard, Enhancing Efficiency and Patient Care at Clinical Research Sites.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

IQVIA announced the launch of One Home for Sites™, a new technology platform that acts as a single sign-on and a single dashboard for the key systems and tasks a clinical research site needs to perform across all of the clinical trials it is conducting.

Clinical research sites manage scores of usernames and passwords in dozens of software applications as they navigate through numerous tasks they must complete each day in conducting clinical trials. This technology overload reduces the time site staff have to recruit and treat patients and the number of trials a site is able to manage simultaneously.

IQVIA One Home for Sites meets this challenge by enabling pharmaceutical companies that sponsor clinical trials, along with their software vendors, to integrate all of the clinical applications they expect a research site to use into one single platform. Acting as a neutral aggregator, connector and communicator, One Home can free up a site’s time to conduct more research and deliver patient care.

“With site capacity becoming a real challenge for the industry, we believe it is our role and responsibility to deliver a solution that brings industry stakeholders together and relieves the burden on research sites,” said Bernd Haas, senior vice president, IQVIA Digital Products and Solutions. “IQVIA One Home for Sites is the only product with a vision and scope broad enough to reverse the negative effects of technology proliferation that is plaguing sites today.”

IQVIA has taken input from more than 100 site personnel in the development of One Home to ensure that the platform provides an experience that meets their needs. IQVIA Prime Sites – clinical trial institutes or networks that are committed to long term relationships with IQVIA to improve and innovate clinical trial delivery – are currently piloting One Home to gather feedback and metrics on user experience and efficiencies gained. Additionally, IQVIA is actively engaged with dozens of clinical technology vendors and pharmaceutical companies that understand an industry-wide approach is the only way to increase site capacity and accelerate the delivery of new treatments to patients.

“There is a vast and disparate landscape of technology solutions that, as a whole, is impacting site users,” said Sharlene Carnegie, senior vice president, Platform, Medidata. “We are pleased to collaborate with IQVIA on One Home for Sites and start bridging the gap between systems to help their sites and sponsors save time and resources.” Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes brand, is one of the first companies to become a One Home for Sites partner.

“One Home is a strategic platform to which my organization is fully committed,” said Richard Staub, president, IQVIA Research & Development Solutions. “Rather than competing with individual products and platforms, it enhances sites’ productivity by aggregating clinical trial systems, and I believe that it will be incredibly valuable to the clinical research space and in the studies we run.”


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