Grindeks Expands Global Footprint with New Subsidiaries and Innovative Product Pipeline

03 April 2024 | Wednesday | News

Grindeks, the leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltics, announces significant expansions and advancements, reinforcing its position in both European and global pharmaceutical markets. Through strategic growth and innovative product development, Grindeks is set to enhance its global competitiveness and offer new solutions in healthcare.
The Grindeks facility

The Grindeks facility

In a strategic move to broaden its international market presence, Grindeks has successfully established 28 subsidiaries across Europe, Canada, and the United States. The expansion began in 2022, with operations kicking off in countries including Poland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and the United Kingdom, among others. This year, Grindeks has further extended its reach to Greece, Canada, the United States, Ireland, and France, with plans to enter Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, and Korea in the near future.

Dr. Chem. Juris Hmeļņickis, Grindeks Chairman of the Board, emphasizes the company's commitment to global health improvement through innovative pharmaceutical solutions. "The establishment of new subsidiaries aligns with our strategy to enhance global public health. We are progressing rapidly in product development and innovation, aiming to create effective pharmaceutical solutions for the future," Hmeļņickis states.

Grindeks is also advancing in the development of modern medicines, with 30 new products recently submitted for registration and over 100 pharmaceutical formulations currently under development. These efforts are focused on increasing patient access to quality medicines in key therapeutic areas, including treatments for Central Nervous System disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Dermatological conditions, and Oncology.

Kirovs Lipmans, Chairman of the Council of Grindeks, highlights the importance of international cooperation and continuous growth in the company's success. "Our forward-thinking project development and carefully considered investments have been pivotal in our ability to provide patients worldwide with effective and high-quality medications. We are proud of our development and remain committed to our growth strategy," Lipmans adds.

As Grindeks continues to expand its global presence and product portfolio, it remains dedicated to improving the quality of life for people worldwide through its pharmaceutical innovations and solutions.



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