GeneQuantum and WuXi XDC Entered into Strategic Collaboration to Empower Innovative Bioconjugate Development

28 December 2022 | Wednesday | News

GeneQuantum Healthcare (GQ), a global innovative biotechnology company dedicated to the development of the next generation bioconjugate drugs, and WuXi XDC, a leading global Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) dedicated to end-to-end bioconjugate services, announced that they have entered into a strategic collaboration for conjugation technology licensing and ADC drug development.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

According to the collaboration agreements, WuXi XDC will actively promote GeneQuantum’s proprietary iLDC (intelligent Ligase-dependent Conjugation) and iGDC (intelligent Glycotransferase-dependent conjugation) platforms around the globe to enable innovative bioconjugate development and the commercial production for drug developers. GeneQuantum will also develop multiple ADCs towards commercialization by leveraging WuXi XDC’s leading ADC production platform and integrated CMC capability.

Dr. Gang Qin, Founder and Chairman of GQ, said, " Through years of interdisciplinary and differentiated innovation, GeneQuantum has developed iLDC and iGDC platforms as the core technology of bioconjugate drug. We are honored that GQ technologies have been recognized by WuXi XDC as a promising next generation conjugation platform. To address growing interest and opportunities for bioconjugate drugs globally, GeneQuantum will work closely with its partners, and empower its innovative conjugation technologies for the development of bioconjugate drugs.  In parallel, GQ will promote the conjugation technology ecosystem to bring more safe, more efficient and more accessible innovative conjugate drugs to patients around the world."

Dr. Jimmy Li, CEO of WuXi XDC, said, "New and Innovative ideas and technologies have emerged in the field of bioconjugates represented by ADCs, which has become a hot spot of investment and drug development. We are pleased to establish a strategic partnership with GeneQuantum, enabling it to develop ADCs and lead the industry innovation through our integrated technology platform. Going forward, we will continue to augment an open-access and integrated bioconjugate technology platform to meet the growing demand for bioconjugates’ discovery, development and manufacturing, and enable our global partners to benefit patients worldwide."


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