Fujitsu and Aichi Cancer Center Develop AI System to Offer Patients Personalized Cancer Treatment

19 October 2021 | Tuesday | News

New technology expected to be useful in evaluating effectiveness of various drugs for cancer treatment based on patients' individual cancer type and genomic variants
The newly developed system

The newly developed system

News Facts:

- Aichi Cancer Center and Fujitsu jointly developed new AI solution to support physicians in efficiently choosing medical treatment expected to achieve best results based on patients' individual cancer types and genomic variants
- The new solution enables efficient and precise search of information in medical databases, contributing to significant reduction of time required for physicians to plan individualized medical treatment for cancer patients
- Effectiveness of new solution has been verified in clinical trials with 450 participants by physicians at the Aichi Cancer Center

 Aichi Cancer Center (1) and Fujitsu Limited today announced the development of an AI solution able to select effective medical treatment from a wide range of drugs based on patients' individual cancer types and various genomic variants (2).

The effectiveness of the new solution has been verified in clinical trials by physicians at Aichi Cancer Center.

With current cancer genomic medicine in Japan, treatment plans are considered based on the patients' unique circumstances, including the type of cancer and the actionable genomic variants detected in cancer cells.

Specialists for cancer drug treatment thus rely on their own experience, knowledge, and medical literature to study treatment strategies in order to find the best possible medication for the patients' individual conditions.

Test data of effective medical treatment of different cancer types and genomic information in external databases, which are sorted and managed based on different keywords and rules, remain difficult to use.

Combining the know-how of Aichi Cancer Center in drug selection and Fujitsu's AI-based data-integration technology, the new solution is able to sort and combine these data under common keywords and a single data format and generate a structured data of knowledge, called Knowledge Graph, in order to find the medications that are likely to be highly effective for each patient (3).

Aichi Cancer Center and Fujitsu anticipate that the new solution will contribute to a significant reduction in the time required for physicians to estimate the effectiveness of drugs in a clinical setting, as well as to conduct research about data that can be used as evidence for their estimations. It will furthermore help physicians to effectively and precisely choose the medicine expected to achieve the best results based on patients' genomic variants and to achieve better results by avoiding unnecessary treatments.

Aichi Cancer Center and Fujitsu will continue cooperation to further enhance the application of AI technology in cancer genomic medicine in order to contribute to further achievements in this field.


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