AnchorDx and Twist Bioscience for Pan-Cancer Liquid Biopsy

12 October 2021 | Tuesday | News

Twist Alliance Pan-Cancer Methylation Panel Global Launch Event - A Strategic Collaboration Between AnchorDx and Twist Bioscience for Pan-Cancer Liquid Biopsy

The Twist Alliance Pan-Cancer Methylation Panel (Pan-Cancer Panel), a solution for pan-cancer study including DNA methylation library preparation and targeted enrichment for next-generation sequencing (NGS), was launched globally on September 24th (US time). The Pan-Cancer Panel was developed over a two-year period by AnchorDx in collaboration with Twist Bioscience

The Pan-Cancer Panel, coupled the DNA methylation markers that were discovered, curated and validated by AnchorDx from many large-scale clinical studies, with the superior panel design, high-quality DNA synthesis platform and the strict quality control process developed by Twist Bioscience, ensures robust and high-performance output for large-scale screening of patient samples. The panel covers 47 disease entities from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and 31 cancer types, such as lung, breast and colorectal cancers, each is represented by ~1000 informative genomic regions.

"DNA methylation has become an increasingly important biomarker for early cancer detection. The identification of methylation by sequencing has been challenging due to low sensitivity and efficiency and high cost. We developed a unique target enrichment-based approach to make methylation detection significantly better," said Emily Leproust, Ph.D., CEO and Co-founder of Twist Bioscience. "Collaborating with AnchorDx, a leading early cancer detection company, to develop the pan-cancer methylation panel leverages AnchorDx's expertise in the cancer diagnostics field and enables wider access of the product and platform. We are pleased to bring the Twist Pan-Cancer Methylation Panel to the scientific community."

"The Twist Alliance Pan-Cancer Methylation Panel is a high-performance and cost-effective solution for comprehensive DNA methylation analysis. It shall facilitate basic cancer research and diagnostics development. With the launch of this product, we hope to make our due contribution to the global cancer screening efforts, and look forward to future collaborations with either academics or industries to develop more impactful clinical products." said Dr. Jian-Bing Fan, CEO and Founder of AnchorDx.

AnchorDx and Twist Bioscience signed an agreement to co-market the Twist Alliance Pan-Cancer Methylation Panel globally.


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