Winhealth-CARD Cooperation Boosts Rare Disease Healthy Ecosystem Construction

12 October 2021 | Tuesday | News

On September 30, 2021 (Hainan-Bo'ao), Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group (Winhealth Pharma) and the China Alliance for Rare Disease (CARD) officially signed a five-year strategic collaboration agreement
Li Linkang, Chief Executive Director of CARD | Jack Wang, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Winhealth Pharma

Li Linkang, Chief Executive Director of CARD | Jack Wang, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Winhealth Pharma

The cooperation involved rare disease registration and research, development of single disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines and regulations, doctor training & patient guide, etc. Winhealth Pharma will make efforts together with CARD to promote comprehensive capacity building in clinical diagnosis and disease management focusing on improvement on rare diseases prevention and treatment.

With the unique two-wheeled business mode, Winhealth Pharma will boost the global and innovative drug accessibility for rare diseases, and the two-wheeled business mode includes both the License-in and Managed-access. Winhealth will introduce the foreign innovative therapies for rare diseases that are under development and already on the market, R&D, registration and commercialization on a global scale with China and Southeast Asia as the leading markets through the License-in business, while will establish the leading one-stop service platform of managed access for rare diseases in China and surrounding areas under the special policy of Managed access targeted to Boao Lecheng introducing the rare disease products that have been listed overseas but not approved in China into the Chinese market through the Managed-access business.

Ravicti® (Glyceryl Phenylbutyrate), a product being commercialized by Horizon Therapeutics Public Limited Company(HZNP) in the United States, is introduced by Winhealth Pharma for patients with Urea Cycle Disorders (UCDs) through the acquisition of exclusive commercial rights (Greater China and surrounding areas in Southeast Asia). Ravicti® is expected to be approved for marketing in China by the end of 2022, and before that it is available for clinical use through the "Early and Pilot Implementation" Policy at the Winhealth Rare Disease Clinical Medical Center in Bo'ao Lecheng. 

For the first project under the strategic cooperation, the kick-off meeting of "2022YUrea Cycle Disorders Diagnosis in China", Treatment and Management Guidelines" was also held on the same day. Thirty-two experts from 29 medical institutions and authorities focusing on rare diseases studies in 13 provinces/cities, involving clinical multidisciplinary, evidence-based medicine and pharmacoeconomics, discussed the current situation of UCDs, the progress of diagnosis and treatment, as well as the significance and methods of guideline development.



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