BioGeometry and Sanyou Bio Announce Pioneering Alliance to Accelerate AI-Powered Antibody Research

19 March 2024 | Tuesday | News

A landmark partnership between BioGeometry and Sanyou Bio is set to transform the landscape of biologic drug development through an advanced AI-driven platform.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

BioGeometry, a frontrunner in digital biology and AI-driven protein design, alongside Sanyou Bio, a leading force in the high-tech biotechnology sector, have unveiled a strategic partnership agreement that aims to redefine antibody drug discovery. This collaboration will utilize generative AI technology and the combined drug development expertise of both companies, from target discovery through to Investigational New Drug (IND) application, establishing a next-generation antibody drug discovery platform powered by Artificial Intelligence Generative Content (AIGC).

The partnership seeks to foster trilateral cooperation with top innovative pharmaceutical companies and biotechs, aiming to elevate the efficiency of new drug R&D and bolster global competitiveness in pharmaceutical research.

Creating a Unified Dry-Wet Lab Platform

Under this strategic agreement, Sanyou Bio will incorporate BioGeometry's proprietary AI-driven antibody design platform, GeoBiologics, merging both entities' resources, technologies, and experiences. This collaborative effort will lead to the creation of an exemplary Dry-Wet antibody R&D platform, blending BioGeometry's advanced AI algorithms with Sanyou Bio's extensive wet lab capabilities. The initiative is poised to facilitate the development of a more extensive drug pipeline and incubate innovative projects, setting the stage for broader market expansion.

Sanyou Bio's contributions include a world-class high-throughput, integrated R&D platform for innovative antibody drugs, highlighted by the construction of the world's largest antibody library. This platform, underpinned by a core of nine super-trillion antibody libraries and capable of up to 10 trillion, integrates advanced phage display and mammalian cell protein expression technologies, streamlining the development of high-quality new molecules.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Drug Design and Development

BioGeometry's expertise in AI-driven protein design is characterized by atomic-level geometric deep learning models that harness massive data sets to refine antibody design processes, thereby saving time and reducing costs. The company's GeoBiologics platform exemplifies a seamless integration of AI design and wet-lab validation, enhancing the discovery and optimization of functional molecules.

Dr. Guojun Lang, CEO of Sanyou Bio, and Dr. Jian Tang, CEO of BioGeometry, both express their optimism for the partnership's potential to accelerate new drug discoveries, streamline preclinical research, and ultimately contribute to global healthcare advancements. This alliance not only signifies a step towards the digitization and intelligent transformation of antibody drug R&D but also represents a pioneering approach to AI-empowered pharmaceutical development, promising to address complex challenges and drive significant progress in global disease treatment.

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