Hox Therapeutics and Vernalis Enter Collaboration to Advance Oncology Drug Discovery

22 February 2024 | Thursday | News

Partnership Focuses on Uncovering Small Molecule Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment Using Cutting-Edge Protein Science and Hit ID Platforms
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Hox Therapeutics Ltd, a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to developing targeted cancer therapies, and Vernalis (R&D) Ltd, a renowned subsidiary of HitGen Inc., have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at identifying novel inhibitors for an undisclosed cancer-related target. This partnership combines Hox Therapeutics' expertise in oncology with Vernalis' advanced capabilities in protein science and high-throughput screening to tackle challenging targets in cancer treatment.

Under the agreement, Vernalis will deploy its sophisticated protein science techniques and proprietary Hit Identification (Hit ID) platforms to produce the target protein and to discover and characterize potential small molecule inhibitors. The collaboration underscores the commitment of both organizations to leverage their complementary strengths in pursuit of groundbreaking advancements in cancer therapy.

The research activities undertaken by Vernalis will be financially supported by Hox Therapeutics, although specific financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed. This partnership highlights the synergy between Hox's innovative approach to cancer therapy development and Vernalis' track record of drug discovery and development success.

James Murray, Research Director at Vernalis, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, citing Vernalis' proven innovation in drug discovery and its history of generating clinical candidates as the foundation for a successful partnership. He looks forward to working closely with Hox Therapeutics to meet the collaboration's objectives.

Nicholas Adams, CEO of Hox Therapeutics, also expressed excitement about the collaboration, praising Vernalis for its demonstrated expertise in identifying inhibitors against the protein target of interest. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the development of targeted therapies for cancer, promising to accelerate the discovery and development of novel treatments with the potential to significantly impact patient care in oncology.

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