GeneQuantum and BioMap Collaborate on Next-Gen ADC Therapeutics

18 December 2023 | Monday | News

GeneQuantum Healthcare (GQ), a global leader in ADC new drug development focused on innovative bioconjugation technologies, and BioMap, a global leader in life science AI Foundation protein-centric Large Language Models, announced that they have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement to co-develop FIC/BIC ADC therapeutics for multiple targets.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The partnership will combine GQ's proprietary enzymatic site-specific conjugation technology platforms (iLDC® and iGDC®), linker-payload platform, with BioMap's proprietary trillion-parameter life science AI Foundation Large Language Model xTrimo and AI protein generation platform AIGP, to create novel ADCs addressing high unmet medical needs.

Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, GQ and BioMap will integrate resources to discover and develop novel ADC therapies. This includes utilizing BioMap's innovative target recommendation platform and high performance antibody design platform AIGP under the xTrimo, the enzymatic site-specific conjugation technology platforms iLDC® and iGDC®, the linker-payload technology platform, and leverage the expertise in high-quality data mining and utilization, cross-model data integration and analysis, target discovery, antibody design, ADC conjugation preparation, ADC drug evaluation, differentiated indication development, and business development collaborations. By leveraging each partner's capabilities, the collaboration aims to create highly competitive and innovative ADC drugs to address global unmet clinical needs.

Dr. Gang Qin, Founder and Chairman of GQ, said, "GQ and BioMap share a similar vision and commitment to disruptive innovation that can improve the quality of patients' lives. We both value open collaboration, innovation empowerment, and ecosystem construction. By serving as a central hub for an advanced conjugation solution, we bring together exceptional resources from all partners to foster collaborative synergy, which will significantly enhance the R&D efficiency of innovative ADC drugs, reduce development costs, and cultivate the development of high-quality next-generation ADC therapeutics. The goal is to better address the growing medical needs and bring better treatment options to patients worldwide. With the established collaboration with BioMap, our global bioconjugation ecosystem welcomes another important partner. We look forward to fully integrating GQ' expertise and experience in ADC drug development with BioMap's profound understanding of life sciences foundational large models, high-performance computing, and AI. Our goal is to accelerate the development of a series of breakthrough ADC therapeutics, thereby creating a new paradigm in the global ADC drug development landscape."

Ms. Vicky Qu, Senior VP of BioMap, said, "Target discovery is another broad market outside of the protein drug design. BioMap has built its own task model system around immune cell activation, disease-specific target recommendation, and drug combination recommendation, and has also achieved several related collaborations recently. We are honored to collaborate with GQ on the development of next generation ADC drugs. Based on the robust Foundation Model and the extensive accumulation of life science data at BioMap, we recommend novel targets and target combinations for ADC drugs, and rapidly design high-performance antibody components through the BioMap AIGP platform. Our goal is to improve the safety and efficacy of ADC drugs by making more precise disease selections. The Foundation Model for life sciences has even more potential, and we also welcome more biocomputing developers to experience BioMap's platform. Together, we can define diverse demands for life science R&D scenarios and construct dedicated task models, bringing generative capabilities to cutting-edge discovery challenges in the life sciences industry, and achieving breakthrough results in more fields."


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