Taiwan Lubricate for academic research and health products development

20 November 2023 | Monday | News

Based in Taiwan, T-BAL is the leading service provider in measurements of lipids and metabolites for both academics and industry.

In the collaboration with Lipotype GmbH, Germany (the world leader in lipidomics profiling service), T-BAL has developed advanced multi-omics (mass detection of various substances using different technologies) analysis services and quality analyses for customers in the past five years. In the coming decade, T-BAL is developing specifications for health product development. Beyond specification, T-BAL provide formulation service for product development, with the advantages of lipidology knowledge domains.

T-BAL, Taiwan-BioActive Lipid Ltd. Co., was established in 2017. The primary mission of T-BAL dedicated to establish advanced omics (mass detection and analysis of specific substances) for academic society. The funder, Dr Maverick Ma said: "The missing piece of omics service provider is lacking of the analysis and output domain knowledge". For many biomedical researchers, there still quite a huge gap existed in interpretation of lipid data. Not like genome data, the people in biomedicine already familiar with the, lipidomics involved biochemistry, physiology, and bioinformatics knowledge domains. However, those three domain-knowledge were separately provided by various unites. Therefore, the initial vision for T-BAL's funders was to provide an easy-to-understand report for customers in lipidomics. Maverick also said, "T-BAL has provided understandable analytic report for biologist and physicians to interpretate". It's more than reports for experts, "We provide reports for ordinary people, from professor to works", said the CEO, Dr Johnson Yang.

After 2019, T-BAL further explored the business in functional food industry with the capacity and knowledge domain in lipid biology, for formulating and manufacturing functional ingredient as health supplement in Taiwan and internationals. Said Dr Yang, "The demands of health supplements are growing in Taiwan and pan-Asia countries". Since there're brands to promote health supplements in the market, it's increasing need to provide product development services. T-BAL has connected with various health product providers, from editable to wearable products, T-BAL has help to develop various forms of functional products. Except for conventional pills, snack is another format of functional food product. Dr Yang said "Popcorns, candy, cake…etc. You name it, we design it!!" Recently, T-BAL is establishing next generation gourmets, which is functional proteinaceous food. The best similar product is artificial meat. Not like current plant-based meat, "T-BAL is developing scientific food with advancing nanotechnology for manufacturing, and name it "Gourmeat". The Gourmeat is not just proteinaceous and functional, but also delicious that you have to be careful not to chew your tong", said by Maverick.

Since the COVID pandemic, there's huge changed trend in pharmaceutics, health industry, and in biomedical research. There're two trendy industrial developed, one for cell therapy, and the other for Liposome-based Nanoparticle products. T-BAL is accidently stand on the emergency hotspot of these two territories. "We've accumulated sufficient experience to define specifications for cell products, e.g., exosome or extracellular vesicle. Meanwhile, our microreactors for manufacturing functional food liposome has provide opportunities for health food supplement provider new pipeline for product development", said Dr Yang. At the end, Maverick said to the press, "Oil was good business in the last two centuries, and will still be in the next century to come!!" said Maverick. Because there're various territories of marketable product need to be lubricated for better business running.

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