Singular Genomics Launches the G4 Sequencing Platform

17 December 2021 | Friday | News

Next-generation sequencing platform will provide up to three times more data output per hour than other benchtop instruments, while offering flexible run capacity

Singular Genomics Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: OMIC), a company leveraging novel next-generation sequencing (NGS) and multiomics technologies to empower researchers and clinicians, today announced the commercial launch of the G4, the world’s most powerful benchtop sequencer. The NGS platform features novel high-performance chemistry and advanced engineering to deliver accuracy, flexibility, speed and power for a range of applications, including research in oncology and immunology. Orders for the G4 instrument and consumable kits are now being accepted, with shipments expected to begin in the second quarter of 2022. 


“The genomic tools and technologies developed over the last two decades have greatly improved our understanding of biology, advanced clinical diagnostics and empowered the development of novel therapies. Yet, real limitations remain, such as long run times, labor-intensive protocols, lack of run flexibility and high cost,” said Drew Spaventa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Singular Genomics. “We listened to the sequencing community and developed a sequencing platform to solve real pain points for a broad set of customers. The G4 offers a combination of speed, power, versatility and flexibility unmatched in the market that will seamlessly integrate into any existing lab ecosystem, providing a true plug-and-play solution for both researchers and clinicians.”


The G4 Sequencing Platform

The G4 consists of a benchtop NGS instrument and associated consumables powered by a novel sequencing engine to deliver the following:

  • Accuracy: Proprietary, 4-color sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry with novel enzymes and nucleotides that work together to provide highly accurate paired-read sequencing.
  • Flexibility: Ability to independently run up to 16 samples or sample pools across four flow cells, the G4 reduces sample pooling requirements and offers flexibility to run multiple experiments in parallel.
  • Speed: Innovative high-resolution imaging, rapid fluidics and novel high-speed chemistry work in concert to reduce run times from days to hours.
  • Power: With up to three times more data output per hour than any other benchtop instrument, the G4 will sequence up to four human genomes in just 16-19 hours.


“The G4 brings together innovations in chemistry, molecular biology and engineering to deliver precision, speed and versatility,” said Eli Glezer, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Singular Genomics. “We believe this new platform will expand and accelerate the use of DNA sequencing across a wide range of applications, such as identifying cancer-associated genetic mutations, deep sequencing to detect minimum residual disease in circulating cell-free DNA, profiling the immune system, analyzing single-cell RNA transcription, and rapidly sequencing exomes and whole genomes.”


Consumable Kits

The G4 Instrument will support two cluster densities: the F2 and F3 flow cells. The F2 consumable kit will be available at launch, and the F3 consumable kit will be available in late 2022. Each consumable kit offers multiple cycle configurations for application flexibility and can be purchased in quantities of one and four flow cells. Key performance specifications include the following:

  • 15-400 gigabases (Gb) of data per run 
  • 6-19-hour run times
  • 99.6-99.9% accuracy across all kits


Complete instrument and anticipated performance specifications, a technical report and data sets, along with pricing for the G4 and initial consumable kit configurations, are available by request.


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