Volition Executes its First Supply and Licensing Contract for its Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test in Asia

17 December 2021 | Friday | News

SAGE Healthcare Private Limited appointed to serve as a non-exclusive licensee and distributor for Volition's Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test in centralized labs in Singapore, with launch planned in Singapore in the first quarter of 2022 followed by expansion in conjunction with SAGE Healthcare into centralized labs in other key Asian markets.

  • Volition's global strategy is to implement similar agreements with multiple companies to ensure the broadest possible accessibility to the Nu.Q® Test worldwide.
  • Volition continues to make significant progress in ongoing negotiations with the multi-national veterinary companies referred to in its prior disclosures, with several term sheets well-progressed and one or more definitive contracts anticipated in the first quarter of 2022, to provide global coverage for the Nu.Q® Test.

 VolitionRx Limited (NYSE AMERICAN: VNRX) ("Volition"), a multi-national epigenetics company developing simple, easy to use, cost effective blood tests to help diagnose and monitor a range of cancers and other life-altering diseases in both humans and animals, has announced that it has entered into its first contract for the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test, a supply and licensing agreement with SAGE Healthcare.

With the global veterinary market being so fragmented, we determined the best way to ensure our test is accessible worldwide is to have multiple agreements with both large multi-nationals and regional players," commented Dr. Tom Butera, Chief Executive Officer of Volition Veterinary Diagnostics Development, LLC. "I am delighted to announce this agreement for centralized labs in Asia, a large and rapidly expanding pet care market. I expect this will be the first of many agreements, including with the big multi-nationals, so that we can cover the whole world through centralized labs and also with point of care."

Dr. Jasmine Kway, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Volition commented "With rapid urbanization and rising disposable income, pets have become an important part of Asian families. Over half of the Asian population have a companion animal , with almost a third of households owning a dog. We believe that the opportunity for the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test is huge. SAGE Healthcare is one of the strongest and most respected distributors of leading veterinary brands in Singapore. We are pleased to appoint SAGE Healthcare to offer the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test widely in Singapore and later avail the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test in other countries in Asia."

"We are delighted to be appointed as a licensee and distributor of the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test in Singapore and other countries in Asia. Adding the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test to the routine wellness check-up for older dogs and at-risk breeds could help detect cancer early, when treatment is more effective and affordable. We believe that this is a clear unmet need in the veterinary space," commented Ms. Irene Kum General Manager for SAGE Healthcare Private Limited. "We are excited to launch the test in Singapore in the first quarter of 2022 and with planned subsequent launches in other Asian markets thereafter."


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